A Big Forking Announcement: Anonymous Bitcoin (a ZCL and BTC Fork)


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There is truly nothing more exciting than being a journalist in the blockchain space and being able to formally announce a project you are the Founder of. The last few months of crypto have been a roller coaster ride, but a few unique opportunities have presented themselves.

A Big Forking Project

It may be difficult at times to hold back the excitement but to ensure a fair report of the project I will try to withhold the enthusiasm that is radiating through me. One of the main reasons is when has CNBC ever decided to cover a Forking Announcement (very punny I know)? The announcement on CNBC can be found here.

(Jake Greenbaum aka “The Crypto King,” Ran NeuNer @cryptomanran, and Sam Abbassi Lead Developer)

A fork (soft or hard) has become a fairly common occurrence in the crypto space. The question arises which ones are real and which are frauds? BTCManager has had many articles in the past discussing forks which were fraudulent and others that were legitimate. Being a founder and understanding the project from the inside it becomes fairly easy to tell whether or not your own fork is a fraud.

The project is titled Anonymous Bitcoin (“BTCA”), and the Anonymous Bitcoin team intends to succeed where prior forks failed while also adding unique technology to already tried and true blockchains. The co-fork will occur using BTC and ZCL, to attain the new forked coin, Anonymous Bitcoin, an individual, would have to purchase either BTC or ZCL before the date of fork snapshot.


The BTCA testnet will go live August 10, providing a month for exchanges to test the wallets and infrastructure before the snapshot occurs on September 9, 2018. The mainnet will be live within 48 hours of snapshot allowing for swift integration onto exchange platforms. The main features of BTCA will include; anonymity while transacting (using zkSNARKs technology), increased the speed of transactions (through increased block sizes), and the ability to stake coins through masternodes. This trifecta of technological upgrades will create a cryptocurrency in Bitcoin’s image, with staking abilities and anonymity upgrades.

The Anonymous Bitcoin Team is broken into multiple layers. The BTCA team is composed of the core development team, founders, advisors, social media gurus, blockchain journalists, and even crypto compliance attorneys. The core development team is led by the Founders of Bushido Lab, of Miami. The most notable advisor, Steven Nerayoff, has worked on projects such as Ethereum, Lisk, tZERO, ZClassic, AION, and many more. Blockchain journalists and Fintech analysts have come on as advisors to insure the progression within the space and to provide inside news coverage regarding the entire forking process. A production team has been assembled to provide weekly video updates regarding what the team has been doing regarding conferences, networking, and ‘work’ for the week. This will allow transparency literally from within. The crypto compliance attorneys are solely there to insure we remain compliant with the ever-changing regulatory structure of cryptocurrencies. A fork does not involve a securities offering as no tokens are being sold but it always helps to have attorneys making sure compliance is maintained.

With a roadmap that has already been structured and deadlines that will not be missed BTCA is ready to begin their journey from concept to a forking cryptocurrency.

Please visit the website: Anonymousbitcoin.io to see any other details that may be of interest to the reader.

Or get in contact with the team at:

  1.     Twitter: @BTCA_FORK
  2.     Discord: https://discord.gg/xJWCGB9
  3.     Reddit: AnonymousBitcoin

To get in contact directly with the King, you can on Twitter (@JbtheCryptoKing) or Reddit (ICO updates and Daily Reports).