ABEY (ABEY) Continues to Gain Momentum As Crypto Markets Rally


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ABEY (Advanced Blockchain for Enhanced Yields) wants to solve all of the existing bottlenecks hindering mainstream blockchain adoption.

What is ABEY Blockchain?

ABEY is a multi-layered programmable high volume-focused blockchain geared toward financial transactions. ABEY promises to process thousands of transactions per second and aims to overcome all existing hurdles of today’s blockchains via high-performance computational models.

ABEY wants to use its technological infrastructure to achieve technical supremacy over traditional methods that have been tried and tested to date. In specific, ABEY blockchain is focused on e-commerce use-cases and financial technologies at large.

It is worthy of note that today ABEY hosts over 100,000 unique wallets and boasts an enviable number of peer-reviewed published papers that critically acclaim ABEY’s cutting-edge technology, its several pending international patents, and a wide array of unique approaches to successfully managing, executing, and handling smart contracts.

ABEY Blockchain in Brief

Now that we have established what ABEY is and its functions, let us now look at some of the project’s other facets.

ABEY was based on the whitepaper by Dr. Ciprian Pungila, and Dr. Viorel Negru, professors at the University of Romania, Timisora.

Unlike the vast majority of other blockchain projects with centralized control, ABEY has grown organically via mining from a value of less than $0.001 to its current impressive price in approximately 23 months. Notably, the token’s mining began on January 1, 2019.

It is also worthy of note that in early August 2020, ABEY’s token started trading on ZBX.one, the first cryptocurrency exchange with fiat-to-crypto and banking services.

In the past few days, the ABEY token has been performing rather well, trading in the range of $2.50 to $3.00. As the crypto bull run continues to gain momentum, more and more mainstream investors are turning their head toward ABEY. Several established crypto analysts have rated ABEY as a BUY.

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