aelf (ELF) Mainnet Launch Roadmap Announcement Details


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At the time of writing, stage I has already been initiated.

The current version of aelf Enterprise Blockchain Platform: V0.9.2

Aelf official Blog:

Aelf website:

Aelf whitepaper:

Economic & Governance Whitepaper: 

Stage Ⅰ: Mainnet Preparation

  1. Release aelf economic and governance white paper
  2. Release introduction of the Testnet & Supporting Facilities
  3. Launch public testnet V1.0
    – Launch global code audit bounty
    – Launch testnet mapping event
    – Host testnet node election
  4. Recruit and establish the mainnet launch committee

Stage II: Mainnet Preview

  1. Rehearse the mainnet launch process
  2. Determine official launch time of the mainnet
  3. Open mainnet node application

Stage Ⅲ: Mainnet Launch

  1. Officially Launch mainnet
  2. Open Token swap
  3. Complete the mainnet node election and replace the mainnet launch Committee
  4. Host DApp development competition

Stage Ⅳ: Mainnet Stability

  1. Achieve self-regulating autonomy for the aelf ecosystem
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