As Bitcoin Rally Continues Decentralized VPN Tachyon Looks for Mainstream Adoption


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2020 has been an unpredictable year so far and continues to be so.

When remote working became the common norm amidst this pandemic, VPNs turned to be the most underrated tool that caught the need of people in distributed working environments. Earlier this year when Hong Kong citizens hit the street in protest of the Chinese government’s decision to extend Mainland’s law enforcement, they used VPNs to spread messages and coordinate to avoid coming under the scanner. Not long ago, Belarus decided to clamp down on internet services in the country just before elections, again VPNs came to the rescue.

As governments across the globe kept creating more money in the name of rescue and stimulus packages ranging from a few hundred thousand to 3 trillion dollars depending on their respective GDP figures, the common public kept losing faith in the fiat currencies even further. Although all of the COVID economic packages, a mix of healthy and some not so healthy mix of monetary and fiscal policies, are going to end up having the same result – the devaluation of fiat. The world soon turned to park their money in alternative sources like gold, silver, bitcoin etc leading to an unexpected rise in the prices.

Amidst all the chaos in the world, a team with an excellent past record of success launched a decentralized VPN, Tachyon powered by IPX coin.

Tachyon has come up with bleeding-edge technologies like blockchain, DHT, UDP, and encryption to create a decentralized VPN. Co-created by the inventor of proof of stake Sunny King, the new decentralized protocol has been gaining enormous interest among the users as the product has gone from the first 100 users to 1 million monthly active users in 8 months.

Tachyon has restructured the traditional internet network systems like TCP/IP with their new web 3.0 networking protocols that improve the network connection rates with better transmission quality. In the present web systems, it is very hard to utilize tools like VPN as the information is not safe and also the connection is very slow, it also has uptime issues. The team has tried to solve this problem by routing the user traffic through several distributed node providers with the data completely encrypted end to end.

The protocol also imitates the benefits of SMTP and HTTP to make web surfing very simple and user friendly. Even with multiple nodes to run, there is no risk of information leakage, as it has been simplified by using multi-hop with anti-analysis and multi-relay forwarding even if any nodes are attacked. This is not just it, with better and secure internet there is also better incentivization. There is two-way incentivization by Tachyon for both the users and the node providers and staking is also introduced for higher rewards.

Tachyon Introduced Energy to Incentivize the Node Hosting Providers

To exchange VPN traffic tachyon has introduced this new concept of Tachyon energy. Here the users can use this energy to use servers and they can earn it by running nodes and reward in the airdrop. The airdrop is an incentive built for VPN users to use the services for free.

Node Manager 2.0 for Automated Management and Tracking of Staking Rewards

It is a tool developed to help node providers to create and run nodes, and handle staking simultaneously automatically.

Node manager 2.0. provides a complete set of management tools for the node providers. Using this the node providers can become small VPN providers and earn rewards for it. Staking and session rewards are also automated with this without the intervention of any platform partners. The rewards are immediately transferred upon operations done by the node providers. This will help to attract more node providers, and it seems the community has been very happy with it as there are now around 1600 nodes live and running.

There are also implementations done for platform partners. New tools have been developed to manage nodes, and provide better service. Partners can easily create nodes and adjust the numbers at any time according to their needs. Flexible staking mode is also available to manage nodes in batches.

Tachyon by far has come a long way to disrupt the traditional web protocols and implement new technologies to make the present systems more efficient and user friendly. The incentivization of the network by rewards and staking has proved to be an accelerator to their massive growth. They are looking to take this to the next level of mainstream adoption.

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