Ашан внедряет блокчейн для отслеживания продуктов во Франции


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Компания Auchan Retail, известная в России как «Ашан», начала внедрять блокчейн-решения в нескольких странах, включая Франции, с целью совершенствовани

After successful tests in Vietnam, Auchan Retail has started to deploy its blockchain solution in several countries, including France, to offer enhanced food traceability to its customers.

Unlike its competitor Carrefour, Auchan did not choose to collaborate with IBM and its blockchain platform dedicated to food tracking IBM Food Trust.

Auchan entered into a partnership with the German startup Te-Food and said the blockchain helped improve the traceability of products throughout its supply chain.

«From seed to plate, consumers now have access to information seamlessly across all stages of a product’s life. A collaborative initiative to ensure food safety, «reads Auchan Retail.

Auchan explained that the blockchain was used by all the actors involved during the various stages of product life and that the end customer could consult the data on a product by scanning a QR code.

Following the success of the initiative in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Auchan decided to deploy the system in several countries including France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Senegal.

In France, Auchan said the blockchain would initially be used to track organic carrots and other products such as potatoes and chickens.

«When the carrots are harvested, they are separated into lots based on the plots from which they come. A QR code is then printed on the package. It contains all the data issued by the RFID tags as well as information added by the various actors in the supply chain. Consumers can consult the QR code on the packaging to obtain, in a few seconds, all the information relating to the product stored in the blockchain. «Gave as an example the heavyweight of large retailers.

Recently, Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, said about «food blockchain» that they allowed to add guarantees to those already in the possession of the customer but that blockchains certainly do not provide a 100% certification, especially in the real world.

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