BC Game Enables Crypto Gamblers Benefit from the Bitcoin Lightning Network


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It is one thing to stay fair and competitive and it’s another to leverage the best of what technology can offer. Rarely do enterprises mix both. 

Admittedly, blending both for better user experience translates to a superior product. BC Game exemplifies expertise. It is a blockchain game with provable fairness especially when it comes to payouts.

But there is more.

BC Game has the rakeback feature and supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) and several cryptocurrencies; every reason it lives by its mantra of being a game to boost your cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin as Global Money and the Lightning Network as Facilitator

The integration of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network gives BC Game an edge over competitors by drastically lowering the barrier to entry since LN is inherently structured for micro-transactions. 

Then again, Bitcoin is the bona fide global money. The creators of this web3 internet money had a vision. Living that vision are innovative businesses and gaming platforms seeking to draw everyone regardless of jurisdiction through affordable, interactive experiences. 

Unlike fiat currencies like the USD, the price of Bitcoin is determined by the community. At the moment, each is about $11,900, more than 4X after falling to $3,800 a few months back.

Coupling Bitcoin and Gaming: the BC Game

Still, the question in everyone’s mind is perhaps to answer the reason why BC Game decided to incorporate Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

Well, Bitcoin is a premium digital asset. Built on a transparent distributed ledger. It unfortunately has a low throughput of just 7 TPS. That is, every second, the Bitcoin network can process only seven BTC transactions. 

The low TPS portends trouble and on several occasions, due to rising demand, the Bitcoin network congests leading to high transaction fees. Several solutions have been proposed. Some are live and others were rejected forcing the network to split.

Nonetheless, because of its low throughput and the satisfactory level of distribution, it is incredibly hard to increase the on-chain TPS without trade-offs. Therefore to by-pass this and to scale the network without jeopardizing the underlying network’s security, a layer-2 solution was developed for scalability. 

The Lightning Network is a solution that scales Bitcoin by lifting transactions and processing them off the main chain before bundling and confirming them later. Since transactions are processed off-chain, the base layer is de-congested. 

Over and above everything, there is one big benefit that a Lightning Network user draws: negligible transaction fees. Combined with high transaction output, micro-payment through the LN is possible. 

Why Players use BC Game and the Benefits of the Lightning Network

This advantage is now being ported to blockchain gaming with incredible success judging from the number of new LN-based gaming applications, or LApps

Gamers now have access to a liberating payment system based on a reputable base layer that is fast, private, flexible, and cheap; opening up new horizons. 

The combination of gaming and BTC rewards via a cheap, scalable, and secure channel is transformative, helping gaming companies create new monetization models. Concurrently, players have full control of BTC rewards earned when playing. 

Data suggest that BC Game players post higher returns. Interestingly, through the LN, players can immediately exit and withdraw their rewards without the inconveniencing intermediation fuss. This is on top of new potential like the tokenization of in-game items and assigning value in BTC.

The prospects of security, full control, and immediate payouts settled in seconds is perhaps the reason why games and casinos are finding their way to the more flexible and private Bitcoin Lightning Network channels. 

From the developers’ end, the ability of micropayments enables them to create new scenarios which in turn diversifies their revenue streams.

Concluding, BC Game is a breath of fresh air in the crypto gambling space. It not only provides users with a robust and sophisticated, easy-to-use platform but also supports the Lightning Network to ensure no user is discouraged from using the premier cryptocurrency due to its notorious latency.

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