Bitcoin Returns Have Dwarfed Every Tech IPO Since 2010, New Data Shows


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Bitcoin’s performance has outstripped mainstream investments in internet firms since 2010 by an almost unthinkable factor. 

Twitter user Crypto Godfather, CEO of blockchain-focused magazine Block Journal, shared data to corroborate this point on Aug. 27.

Bitcoin price has exploded from a few cents to thousands of dollars 

The earliest price data for Bitcoin dates back to March 2010, when the industry’s first (and now-defunct) Bitcoin exchange started its operations. 

The coin’s value was just $0.003 — meaning that today’s price point of just over $10,100 represents an astonishing 338,433,233% appreciation.

Over the same time period, even the most lucrative investment in an internet firm since its public listing — in online advertising platform The Trade Desk — sealed a profit of “just” 1317%.

The earliest data archived on Bitcoin’s price on CoinMarketCap — from three years later, in April 2013 — still reveals an increase over a six-year time frame of 7420%.

Internet firms’ performance since ICO listing

Internet firms’ performance since ICO listing. Source: @CryptoGodfather

If we look back to Bitcoin’s historic bull run in winter 2017, the coin’s appreciation since its first recorded valuation stood at a whopping 666,666,567%.

Bitcoin vs. stocks and national currencies

In July, Cointelegraph reported that Grayscale Investments’ Bitcoin Trust was yielding an almost 300% appreciation on the year — vastly outperforming mainstream investments reflected in the S&P 500 (18.7%) and Global Dow (12.9%) over the same time period.

That same month, the digital asset manager’s in-house research had indicated that Bitcoin had gained 47% this May at a time of intensifying United StatesChina trade tensions, making it the best-performing asset of the period — in marked contrast to the Chinese yuan’s faltering.