Brave (BAT) Tops Japanese Browser Market


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Brave has become the most downloaded browser on the Japanese Google store, making it the supreme choice of browser for Android users in the country. A Reddit user brought this to the community’s attention amidst a surge in global Brave users, September 10, 2019. The need for privacy and the ability to be rewarded for one’s attention are the critically unique propositions that are making Brave a formidable rival to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Private, Fast, and Monetizable

Brave launched less than two years ago and has made strides in capturing market share from other browsers. The recently launched advertisement rewards feature now allows users to make money by viewing select advertisements.

Traditional advertisements on websites are susceptible to malicious code, which infects users who click on it. Brave mitigates this risk by removing the concept of on site advertisements and directing users to an ad with a notification.

Becoming the largest android browser in Japan is no small deal, and this has likely been fueled by recent concerns for data protection and privacy. Earlier this year, Toyota had a privacy breach that affected 3.1 million customers.

In 2013, Yahoo Japan was hacked and the data of 20 million Japanese residents was obtained by the hacker.

Though Japan now has privacy laws that are as stringent as GDPR, there is a lot more than just legislation that protects data privacy.

Using a service like Braves helps users become their own data safeguards by keeping all their personal information on their own devices. Brave has no access to user data and it isn’t stored on a decentralized or centralized server.

Changing the Landscape

If Brave offers features that benefit users that other browsers don’t have, why haven’t they been able to capture a larger share of the market?

This basically boils down to marketing, awareness, and convenience. Microsoft has an increase in market share upon launching Edge simply because it was functional (unlike Internet Explorer) and was available immediately upon installing Windows. The same goes for Safari.

Google’s monopoly over various realms of technology makes them a reliable figure in the public’s eye, and Chrome improved on speed relative to Firefox, making it a much more attractive browser.

Brave hasn’t focused much on marketing, but awareness is growing. Once users understand the trade-offs of browsers and the service offered by Brave, we will witness the adoption of the browser at a much larger scale.

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