Brave Browser Records More Than 25 Million Monthly Users


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The privacy-focused browser Brave continues to record different milestones, among which the browser has seen an increase in the number of monthly active users, with the current figure reaching over 25 million. 

Brave Continues to Attract Privacy-Conscious Users

Brave announced the news of the increase in monthly user growth via a blog post on the browser’s website on Tuesday (Feb. 2, 2021). According to Brave, the privacy-centric browser saw about 25.4 million monthly active users (MAU), having crossed the 20 million milestone back in November 2020, with the current figure more than double 2020’s record.

In addition to an increase in MAU, Brave’s daily active users also surged to 8.6 million, up from a previous record of 3.8 million. Commenting on the steady rise in MAU, Brave’s CEO and co-founder Brendan Eich, said:

“25 million people have made the switch to Brave in order to protect their privacy and to regain control of their browsing experience. Users are realizing that a new way to browse the Web is just one click away with a seamless Brave download, and that they can opt out of the surveillance economy and instead get rewarded for browsing.” 

The browser further revealed that its Brave Ads witnessed an impressive revenue, growing 28 times over in 16 month. There have also been more than 2,800 campaigns  – which is an increase from 1,530 campaigns back in July 2020  – with global brands such as Amazon,and Lenovo utilizing Brave Ads.

Currently, Brave Ads campaigns are supported in almost 200 countries, with more than 2 billion ad confirmation events to date. Brave also revealed another milestone, stating that the number of its verified creators surpassed 1 million.

Furthermore, as a means of supporting and encouraging creators and publishers, Brave users donated 26 million Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Utility for the Brave native token also grew with over 4 million transacting BAT monthly, and support of more than 12 million wallets.

Further commenting on Brave’s plans, Eich stated that with the need for privacy gaining traction in 2021 with less trust in Big Tech, the browser aims to develop more robust privacy-protecting tools for its users. As reported by BTCManager back in September 2020, Brave integrated PhishFort Protect to protect users against crypto scams.

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