Brave Browser’s Privacy-Preserving Ads to Spearhead Marketing Campaign


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Travala–the crypto supporting hotel booking platform, has partnered with Brave Software–the creators of the privacy-preserving web browser, Brave, as per a press release published on July 13, 2020. Travala now joins brands like Amazon and Intel in a global advertisement campaign promoting the hotel and accommodation booking platform via Brave Ads. 

Brave and Travala Kicks off a Global Advertisement Campaign

Just like any other web browser, Brave users can surf the Internet on-demand. 

However, the Brave browser goes a step further by shielding their privacy without storing web history or personal details. 

Meanwhile, their innovative Brave Ads platform provides brands with the opportunity to reach a consenting audience. 

Effective, willing users can activate Brave Ads and earn BAT rewards whenever they view advertisements from partner brands. 

Brendan Eich, the CEO and Co-founder of Brave said the browser currently runs over 1,500 advertisement campaigns with a click-through-rate of 12 percent translating to better conversion rates. The industry’s average is two percent. 

70 percent of the revenue generated will be distributed to viewers as compensation for their attention. Users can also reward content creators by auto-contributing under the browser’s default setting.

Through this deal, Travala adverts will now be pushed through Brave Ads. Viewers will receive rewards in BAT whenever they view their advertisements. 

Effects of Coronavirus on Travel and Tourism

Strategic, the partnership is necessary given how COVID-19 has disrupted travel and tourism. 

Early this year, the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization reported that 217 countries around the world had resolved to close their borders to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. Expectedly, the biggest casualties were the travel and tourism industries. 

The resulting pandemonium will see travel revenue plunge 55 percent from 2019 according to the International Air Transport Association as reported by CNBC.

Despite the disruption, the CEO of Travala, Juan Otero, is keen on changing the future of online travel. He is also pushing for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

“In our mission to change the future of online travel booking and bring mass cryptocurrency adoption, we must promote via industry-leading players and that’s why we chose Brave’s global ads platform. I am confident that this presents a great opportunity for to reach more users within our target audience.”

Brave Software has also partnered with NYIAX to bridge the gap between advertisers and consumers. 

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