Brave Users Can Now Donate to Wikipedia with BAT


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Wikipedia, the free web-based encyclopedia, has officially been onboarded as a verified publisher, August 28, 2019. Wikipedia is the world’s largest online information platform, boasting over 50 million articles in 300 different languages. It is run by the Wikimedia Foundation, a not for profit organization that relies on donations to continue expanding their library.

Brave Making Strides

The world’s single largest online encyclopedia has joined the ranks of over 200,000 publishers who are verified by Brave and can receive tips/donations in the native Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Using the Brave Rewards tab, users can now send Wikipedia funds seamlessly over the privacy-enhancing browser.

Just six months ago, Brave had crossed the 100,000 verified publisher mark and today they have nearly 250,000. The company has made a ton of progress and has been hailed as a true competitor to the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Founder and CEO, Brendan Eich, is also the co-founder and ex CEO/CTO of Mozilla. His contribution to web development is unparalleled as he is also the creator of JavaScript.

Brave Rewards allows any user who signs up to receive tips in the form of BAT from those who use the browser. The platform recently integrated paid ads in which users are given 70 percent of the revenue that advertisers pay to be on Brave.

The browser recently opened transfers out of the integrated wallet managed by Uphold, but many were disappointed that they were required to submit KYC before being allowed to do so.

Using Crypto to Empower the Internet

Organizations like Wikipedia have been giving people all over the world and endless trough of information across millions of disciplines.

Cryptocurrency can be used as a means of giving back to these organizations, as the massive wealth formation this asset class has created is unparalleled to anything else in the last few years.

The point of a platform like Brave was to give attention back to the users instead of the middlemen grabbing all of the revenue and not passing anything on. This same platform can be used to help improve open-source software and free libraries.

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