Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity Welcomes 20+ New Members


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Celo, a decentralized and open-source proof of stake (PoS) blockchain project that claims to be focused on making financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, has attracted more than 20 new members to its Alliance for Prosperity organization launched in March. With the latest additions, Alliance for Prosperity now has 75 members, according to a blog post on May 5, 2020.

Celo Forges New Alliances 

Just two months after rolling out the Alliance for Prosperity organization, a platform the team says is dedicated to bringing various organizations together to strive towards making digital assets more useful and accessible in the real world, Celo’s innovative platform has attracted over 20+ new members.

Commenting on the latest development, Chuck Kimble, Partner at cLabs and Head of Alliance for Prosperity said:

We are excited to see the Alliance grow by 50 percent since our initial announcement in March, with organizations dedicated to creating prosperity, especially in Africa and Latin America.

With the addition of the new member organizations, Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity movement now boasts a massive 75 highly reputed firms and projects including Andreessen Horowitz a16z, Anchorage, Bison Trails, Gitcoin, Utrust, Paxful, Yellow Card, MoonPay, Blockchain for Humanity (b4h), Ontology, United Africa Blockchain Association, and Coinfirm, among others.

Steady Progress 

Importantly, Celo has made it clear that the Alliance for Prosperity is focused on formulating use cases that will promote financial inclusion, prosperity,  and Celo adoption. And, as such, member organizations are required to either support development efforts of Celo, build Celo-powered infrastructure, integrate Celo assets into their projects or conduct enlightenment campaigns to boost blockchain technology awareness in their communities.

Notably, Celo says a good number of members of the Alliance have already hit the ground running, creating excellent use cases for Celo. 

Specifically, cLabs and Appen recently conducted a microwork pilot in Kenya, Upbright launched Celo Camp, a virtual accelerator program focused on building sustainable businesses on the Celo network, and more.

That’s not all, Anchorage announced on April 16, 2020, that it will offer custodial services to Celo Gold (cGold) holders at launch and will also participate in staking as well as other advanced network functions. In the same vein, Coinbase Custody will also be supporting Celo Gold (cGold) stablecoin. 

Going forward, Celo says it plans to create four initial working groups focused on international aid, remittances, policy and communications, to make it easier for its member organizations in these areas to collaborate more effectively with each other.

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