Coincheck Gas Allows Tokyo Residents to pay Gas Bills in Bitcoin or Receive BTC Rewards


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Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck, in partnership with E-net Systems, has launched a program to reward gas users in the Tokyo area with Bitcoin. Consumers will be able to receive bitcoin based on gas consumption or directly pay their bills with the popular cryptocurrency. The news comes from an official announcement, October 4.

Bitcoin Gas Bills

Coincheck, one of the most popular virtual currency exchanges in Japan, has just signed a partnership with the well-known energy company E-net Systems to expand its market reach into the gas distribution sector within the Tokyo area.

The service was named “Coincheck Gas” and will be available as of today, 4 October 2019.

The two companies have developed two plans for customers. The first is the Bitcoin Rewards Plan, which consists of the possibility of receiving bitcoins depending on the amount of gas usage, whilst the second, the Bitcoin Payment Plan, allows customers to pay bills directly in BTC.

This is not the first time that Coincheck creates a service that links the energy sector to the cryptocurrency. “Coincheck Electricity” is a similar service that has been operational since November 2016. The aim of the company is to encourage the use of Bitcoin for usual services such as energy bills.

The benefits to consumers are based on a rewards system. Those who subscribe to the Bitcoin Rewards Plan will receive the equivalent to 3 percent of their monthly gas bill in Bitcoin while those who decide to pay their bills in bitcoin can profit from a 3 percent discount on the monthly bill.

Coincheck Back on Track

After falling victim to a deadly heist that saw $ 530 million worth of NEM (XEM) altcoins vanish from its coffers, the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has fully licensed Coincheck which seems now to be focusing on bringing crypto to the masses.

According to an official announcement, dated September 4, Coincheck partnered with market research company Macromill Group to launch a new service called Coincheck Survey, which will allow users to exchange survey completion reward points in to digital currencies.

Coincheck’s efforts are admirable as they try to attract more and more individuals into the world of cryptocurrencies and not from a speculative value point of view.

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