Color Coin Will List on ProBit Exchange February 27 to Accelerate dApp Development and Adoption


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ProBit Exchange will be listing Color Coin (CLR) on February 27 at 15:00 KST with the available trading pairs of CLR/KRW and CLR/USDT. Users can deposit their CLR starting on February 25 at 12:00 KST when wallets are officially opened. 

ProBit Exchange Set to List Color Coin

With a stellar track record of secondary market prowess, ProBit Exchange provides a global base of digital asset holders for projects to rapidly expand their demographics. 

As a platform aimed at targeting mainstream blockchain adoption for the average user and enterprise, Color Coin has received solid reviews on top ICO rating sites with an 8.3 on icomarks and 4.1 on ICObench. The project also received a sparkling AA rating with a 4.6 combined score

All dApps on the Color Platform are all accessible through a single asset, Color Coin, which will proliferate accelerated growth and scalability for fledgling dApp development. 

The Color platform was carefully constructed under the guidance of one of Korea’s prominent blockchain evangelists CEO CK Park who is well known for his key role in developing financial investment and information database PAXNet.Inc. CTO Nikolay Pakulin boasts 17 years of experience as a senior researcher at ISPRAS while CSO Jeremy Kwon brings previous CEO experiences in Korea Enterprise Investment Co, Korea M&A CO., as well as KTB Entertainment Co. 

About Color Coin

Blockchain has been one of the biggest buzzwords around the world for some years. Yet, there is hardly any blockchain service widely adopted in people’s everyday life. This is where Color Platform kicks in. 

Color Platform is devoted to bringing the opportunities of a decentralized micropayment platform for daily life. CK Park insists that the main problem of today’s blockchain technology is not only TPS (transaction per second) but block confirmation time and transaction finality. “If you buy a cup of coffee and the payment transaction takes minutes, would you ever use the payment service again? People do not tolerate even 10 seconds of loading on Youtube.” 

According to Park, most of well-known blockchains’ confirmation and finality takes 5~60 seconds, not to mention Bitcoin that takes 78 minutes. “This is the greatest hurdle for mass adoption of blockchain,” Park adds. 

After years of development, Color Platform’s revolutionary 3rd generation dPoS mainnet is launching within weeks. With its 1-second finality and 1-block confirmation, the mainnet now finally enables blockchain micropayment in real life, surpassing what is now provided by currently prevailing payment methods such as credit cards. Its unique parallel consensus algorithm, cloud-based blockchain, and advanced governance architecture solve the issues of existing decentralized systems. And yes, there are rewards available for node operation and delegation, just like other DPoS projects. The platform welcomes anyone to be their node operator.

About ProBit Exchange

ProBit Exchange is a globally ranked top 20 exchange in real daily trading volume that has spearheaded over 170 rounds of IEO with multiple 6-figure sellout campaigns and features over 300 trading pairs across 4 primary markets. 

With a 2.5 million global audience and exponentially growing presence throughout Asia and Europe, ProBit Exchange has provided its primary and secondary market expertise to projects through competitive, individually catered packages and unparalleled versatility. 

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