Craig Wright Admits he Cannot Finance 500,000 BTC Settlement, Kleiman Calls on Wright’s Ex-CFO for Deposition


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Once again, the curious case of Craig Wright has surfaced in Florida’s Southern District Court. Just like previous encounters, this one also involves Craig Wright and his counsel scurrying to find the means to block Ira Kleiman’s attempts to dig deeper into the situation. Wright claims he gave Ira’s brother, Dave, an interest in his businesses for his stake of bitcoin. In order to confirm or battle this claim, Kleiman has moved to depose James Wilson, the former CFO of Wright’s businesses.

What’s the Endgame?

There are a number of lawsuits across the world that have Craig Steven Wright’s name on them. Yet nobody outside of his congregations at nChain and CoinGeek know what Craig Wright is playing for.

First, he claims to be in possession of Satoshi’s treasure chest of nearly a million bitcoin. Then he tries to settle this claim with the brother of the man he supposedly built Bitcoin with. Now, when the courts rule that he must share his interest in bitcoin with Dave Kleiman’s estate, he admits what everyone already knew: he doesn’t have the bitcoin.

James Wilson, the ex-CFO of Wright’s corporate entities between 2012 and 2013, is in the U.S. this week and has made himself available for deposition to Ira Kleiman’s defense counsel. However, Wright’s counsel claims it should be postponed as they haven’t been given the 14-day notice for an inter-state deposition.

Kleiman’s counsel has offered to have the defence counsel attend the deposition via video conference, which required a 7-day notice, but Wright and his lawyers once again tried to shoot it down.

If there’s truly nothing to hide, why fear the truth?

Court Recognition is the Goal

For years and years, Wright has slandered Bitcoin, its developers, and proponents. From threatening to “dump” his BTC in the open market and crash the price to claiming Hal Finney “didn’t understand Bitcoin”, Wright has tried to assert his own opinions as facts in the eyes of the market.

Unfortunately, for him, he has tried to prove his claim to fame is legitimate by roping the judicial system into the matter. His libel claims against Hodlonaut and Peter McCormack are still open as he gets beaten down again and again by the Southern District of Florida.

There are two ways this end: Wright signs a transactions using an address that is openly known as one of Satoshi’s, or he gets dismantled in court and loses the ounce of credibility left to his name.

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