Crypto for Betting, Hotels, Booze, and Flights at Euro 2020


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Football is probably the most beloved sport in the world, and, as expected, huge sporting events such as Euro 2020 are bound to attract millions of fans to watch their favorite teams compete against each other. And besides watching football games, many fans like to take it a step further and bet on the outcome.

Sports betting has been a favorite activity of sports enthusiasts for quite some time now.

And now, the development of the crypto industry over the past few years has made it easier for people to place safer and more discreet bets on sporting events. In addition, the increasing public interest in blockchain technology made it possible for fans to purchase game tickets, book hotels, flights, and pay for several other services using cryptocurrency.

Crypto Betting at Euro 2020

The UEFA European Football Championship, or just Euro 2020, is the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Europe. The event will be held in 12 major cities across the continent and is set to bring the best names and teams in football. This will undoubtedly result in the most engaging matches in the world of football.

The various locations make for more interesting betting odds, since several teams will play on home fields, thus directly impacting their chance to win a game. This, in addition to the several betting options already available for fans, are sure to make Euro 2020 one of the most exciting events for bettors.

Online betting has been riding a wave of popularity for several years, and with the massive growth of the crypto market, multiple payment options are now available for users.

Crypto gambling platforms such as 1xBit allow their users to play using Bitcoin as well as 20 other altcoins on their platform, making betting more accessible, safer, and more anonymous.

As the playoffs are closing in, the crypto betting industry is becoming more competitive than ever. Countless betting platforms are trying to offer better odds and bonuses than their competition, resulting in higher winnings for bettors.

Football, Hotels, Flights, and Cryptocurrencies

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the crypto technology’s integration into Euro 2020 is the tokenization of 20,000 VIP tickets. This allows fans to purchase game tickets using Ethereum (ETH).

While you can use your crypto coins to pay your Euro 2020 ticket, there are other aspects that you will then have to take care of, such as transportation, accommodations, food, and drinks.

The good news is that there are plenty of such service providers that also accept cryptocurrencies.

Norwegian Air, one of the biggest airlines in Europe, has recently added support for Bitcoin. Additionally, sites such as LockTrip and Travala allow you to book a hotel and pay with crypto. You can also head over to and purchase hotel gift cards using crypto.

And we saved the best news for the end.

Plenty of pubs and breweries, such as The Devonshire Arms, Carena Bar, and Café Berlin are now accepting Bitcoin payments. So you can enjoy a post-match drink without having to worry about exchanging money or carrying around cash.

More services and platforms will probably offer more crypto alternatives when Euro 2020 will start in June.

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