CryptoKitties’ Dapper Labs Unveil Flow Playground for Blockchain Developers


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Dapper Labs, the distributed ledger technology project that created CryptoKitties and several other crypto-collectibles, has announced the launch of Flow Playground, an interactive web interface that makes it easier for developers to build smart contracts-enabled applications on the Flow blockchain, in a test environment, according to a blog post on March 5, 2020.

A Playground for Developers 

Having successfully launched its Flow blockchain in September 2019, to function as a solution to the scalability issues of consumer applications such as games and crypto collectibles, the firm has now rolled out Flow Playground to help developers to learn how to create apps on the network.

As stated in its blog post, the new Flow Playground will enable both newbie and expert developers to learn how to  create highly functional applications on the Flow blockchain by “writing and running smart contracts and transactions in a test environment.”

The team says coders on Flow Playground will be able to easily write smart contracts using Resources, a tool that lets users to programmatically model ownership of valuable assets seamlessly.

The team said:

Playground makes it easy for you to work through the fundamentals of developing on-chain currencies, collectibles marketplaces, and more, all on Flow. You can participate in the community by saving and sharing your work with others.

A New Programming Language is Born 

What’s more, Dapper Labs has hinted that Flow Playground also comes with a resource-oriented programming language named Cadence, which is built to ensure that developers’ codes are “safe, secure and approachable.”

Reportedly, some features from popular programming languages such as Mozilla’s Rust and Swift have been integrated into Cadence, to make it easier for developers to use. Other features of Cadence include “first-class resource types that redefine programmatic ownership of valuable assets, built-in pre- and post-conditions for functions and transactions, among others.

Earlier in February, Dapper Labs inked a deal with a mixed martial arts platform, UFC, for the creation of blockchain-based digital collectibles for UFC fans.

With Flow Playground now live, Dapper Labs has made it clear that it’s hoping that more creators, companies, and ambassadors can join its ecosystem. 

Against that backdrop, the firm has launched Flow Alpha, a partner program aimed at incentivizing the top projects building applications on Flow.

The team says Flow Alpha will provide users with co-marketing and business development opportunities with Dapper Labs’ partners, fundraising and business model advice and more.

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