CryptoKitties Founders Launch Blockhchain-based Game Cheeze Wizards


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Dapper Labs, the company behind the famous blockchain game CryptoKitties, has announced the launch of its new blockchain game Cheeze Wizards on May 17, 2019. It’s a battle royale where players can summon Wizards to fight in a duel for the “Big Cheeze.”

Where Ether Meets Magic and Cheese

Currently valued more than $135 billion, the gaming industry is estimated to sit atop a $300 billion valuation by 2025. Blockchain stakeholders have been trying to peg blockchain and cryptocurrencies to this huge industry and bring as much entertainment and benefit to the gamers as possible.

Igniting more innovation into the blockchain gaming industry, Dapper Labs, widely known for its successful game CryptoKitties, has announced its new blockchain game Cheeze Wizards. Citing the novelty of the game and the fact that it is built over new technology, Dapper Labs’ Medium blog stated:

“Right now, Cheeze Wizards is as much an experiment as it is a game. [A lot] of lessons from CryptoKitties informed our approach.”

Cheeze Wizards, only accessible to those with cryptocurrencies, is a player vs. player magical duel. Gamers in the game will own crypto collectibles called the Wizards which they will use to fights against other Wizards during the tournaments.

The game allows multiple Wizards to be invited for a series of duels by using ether. The value of the prize, Big Cheeze, gets bigger with more Wizards joining the battle royale. The winner of each tournament earns a title and the ether that is collected in the tournament.

Cheeze Wizards is currently heading through the pre-sale stage of Wizards, where people can buy from the four categories of Wizards, each described with a different set of abilities and special powers.

Designed for Extensibility

People were able to build on top of CryptoKitties their own products as part of The KittyVerse. As such, Dapper Labs will also allow independent creators and third-party developers to make their own “cheezy tools, projects, and features” on Cheeze Wizards, too.

The blog read:

“We may be the creators, but we want this game to belong to the community. [Every] Cheeze Wizard is an NFT (non-fungible asset) designed for extensibility.”

Though on a 2D level, the game brings more action into blockchain games and is sure to attract at least a few curious gamers. It might not be the blockchain version of Fortnite, as the blog clearly mentioned, but it’s a mark of a good start towards that point.

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