Economic Strategy Game “Prospectors” to be Released on EOS Mainnet


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On June 29, 2019, the first Massive Multiplayer Real Time Economic Strategy (MMRTES) game called will be launched on the EOS Blockchain. The game is completely developed on the EOS blockchain and all the activities within the game are linked with smart contracts. 

Hunting Crypto Gold, the first Massive Multiplayer Real Time Economic Strategy (MMRTES) game on the EOS blockchain is set to launch on June 29, 2019.

The Alpha version with relative gameplay of the game was announced in March after nine months of development. During the game’s creation the developers encountered several problems due to the high number of actions a player can take, but thanks to their efforts the game has finally become reality.

The easiest way to enter the game according to the developers is to use a Google or Facebook account and EOS account through Scatter, a chrome extension that allows users to access the EOS mainnet.

The game is set in the 19th century during the gold rush period. Players have endless opportunities to try to earn digital gold by discovering new lands and searching for resources. All game activity happens within the project’s smart contract, and all the assets, owned by a player, are secured to them in the blockchain.



Players can control up to 3 characters (workers) and can interact with each other by making unions and commercial organizations for communication and more efficient work. The in-game currency, Prospectors gold (PGL), is the basis for economic relations among players and rules the economic model of the game.

The goal is to accumulate as much gold as possible. In the initial phase, the map will be divided into 2500 plots in which a total of 10 million PGL tokens are hidden. Those who purchased the game’s assets previously will find their stash in the central plot where the state buildings are located.

PGL tokens can also be converted to gold which in turn is used to perform any operation within the game such as renting land or building constructions. In order to rent land, you need 54k gold that equals 54 PGL. These payments fuel the development of the Prospectors game world.

What is Prospectors Gold (PGL)?

The total amount of PGL is limited to 220,000,000 tokens. This is an approximate amount of all the planet’s gold (mined and unmined).

Half of the general amount – 110 million coins – is located in the game and can be mined.  A small part of the tokens were initially collected through three sales: the Assets Auction, the Golden Ticket Sale, and the Vehicles Auction to inject essential items into the game at the start. These tokens were recently burned by Prospectors.

PGL tokens are purchasable on Chaince, Eosdaq, and Newdex.

Developers announced they will answer questions on the gameplay and UI in their Academy FAQ, and in their Youtube channel, where they will post walkthrough videos and guides for beginners.

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