Egretia Educational Series 2: What Makes Egretia Unique?


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Welcome to the educational series of Egretia. Here we discuss all the different components of the Egretia ecosystem. 

Games have been created for thousands of years now and have developed into a vital piece of our way of life and social communications. They enable us to utilize our creative mind and breakthrough various pieces of the real world. Since its commercial birth in the 1950s, games have blossomed within our society to become one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world. The mobile technology boom in recent years has revolutionized the industry even further and opened many new doors for a new generation of gamers.

Egretia Upping Its Game

Although there has been a lot of innovation happening in the last decades, there have also been some bottlenecks. With the fast growth of mobile smartphones, the gaming landscape has been completely altered. Instead of solely focusing on desktop PCs and laptops, many games had to become mobile-friendly as well. HTML4, the fourth iteration of HTML, could not keep up with the drastic market change. This is where HTML5 and Egretia come into play.

Egretia has built one of the first HTML5 gaming engines in the world, allowing to support all mobile browsers and mobile software such as Android and iOS. HTML5 is currently used by 79.1 percent of all the websites whose markup language we know. It is at the heart of everything we do online, from animation and apps to movies and music. Egretia has become one of the biggest players in this space.

As many of you readers know, blockchain has also drastically changed the conversation on how to structure and organize our world. To continue its path of innovation, Egretia decided to combine its HTML5 gaming engine with blockchain technology, allowing for an explosion of new possibilities.

The team is committed to creating a new kind of gaming ecosystem in which users and developers could be part of all kinds of games and use EGT as its in-game currency. Players are able to support games they like, play games using EGT, purchase in-game assets, and more. Additionally, virtual goods among games could flow freely with one another. You can sell and buy virtual assets inside games and transfer them to other games as well.

What’s in It for Developers?

For developers, if they produce high-quality content they are able to receive EGT from Egretia as well as from users. Even more, they can use EGT to advertise their products, incentivize users to play their games, do crowdfunding, marketing, and more. 

All these innovations will allow for a new world economy where games are becoming more interconnected and interact and evolve with one another. Egretia is the first-mover within this innovative space and EGT will be the fuel within this ecosystem. This is what will make Egretia unique and we hope you will be part of this journey with us. Join us!

Next week the next educational article will be published discussing how you can develop on Egretia. If you have anything you like us to write about please visit our Telegram channel and let us know: Stay tuned!

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