Eluvio Launches New Blockchain-Based Content Fabric


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In a bid to enable content owners to manage and distribute premium video to viewers in a frictionless manner, Eluvio, a California-based firm that claims to be focused on transforming the management distribution economics of premium video content owners globally, has launched a blockchain-based platform dubbed the Eluvio Content Fabric, reports Digital TV on September 9, 2019.

Eluvio Launches DLT-Based Platform

Per sources close to the matter, Eluvio has tapped distributed ledger technology (DLT) to develop an innovative software platform that helps content owners to facilitate frictionless distribution of premium video content to consumers, as well as business partners without content delivery networks (CDNs).

Specifically, the Eluvio Content Fabric is a software platform the team claims makes it possible for content owners to deliver ultra-low latency, high-quality video content directly to consumers, eliminating the need for complex and expensive transcoding services, cloud storage providers and aggregators.

That’s not all, the team claims the Eluvio Content Fabric patent-pending architecture supports intrinsic monetization of content, as well as versioning, dynamic personalization, rights control and more.

Reportedly, the Eluvio Content Fabric functions as a global software overlay network that promotes real-time video distribution straight from the source stream or file, eliminating the need to create additional copies of files. 

Eluvio Working With Multiple Partners 

The team claims the Eluvio Content Fabric takes advantage of its expertise in blockchain data protocols, machine learning, programmable media, and in-network processing and transport.

Interestingly, Eluvio has hinted that it’s currently working with a good number of content providers, including MGM Studios, to improve the platform’s features.

Eluvio says MGM Studios, its “premier public customer,” is using the Eluvio Content Fabric for various purposes, including global streaming to the web, mobile and TVE audiences of certain properties, including transcoding, multi-format encryption and more.

Commenting on the launch of the innovative Eluvio Content Fabric, Michelle Munson, CEO, and co-founder of Eluvio noted that the firm is poised that transform the video ecosystem through new technologies, as the economics of today’s video industry is hampered by outdated technologies.

In her words:

The Eluvio Content Fabric allows content owners to easily manage and distribute video and large form content like never before, opening publishers to more direct monetization opportunities, while also reducing costs by minimizing core bandwidth and storage, and radically streamlining the traditional media distribution workflow.

While the potential of blockchain technology is being explored by various industries across the global economy, Jim Crosby, senior vice president of digital at MGM Studio says the Eluvio Content Fabric which is powered by DLT and other new technologies, has exceeded expectations by delivering ultra-fast video loading, high-quality playback, cost-efficiency and more.

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