Enjin Smart Wallet to Support Data Rich ERC-1155 and ERC-721Token Standards


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Enjin (ENJ), the largest online gaming community creation platform is pleased to announce that the Enjin Smart Wallet will now support the data-rich ERC-1155 and ERC-721 tokens. The latest update released by Enjin will change the paradigm of the gaming industry, as gamers will now have complete authority and ownership over their in-game assets.

Current Support and Roadmap

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The upgrade, dubbed “Collectible” will do justice to the inherent nature of the blockchain technology, as it allows players to use, store, exchange, and safeguard their collectible gaming items in a decentralized manner.

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Initially, the wallet will support War of Crypto, CryptoKitties, and Gods Unchained. It is expected that a number of additions across a multitude of industries will also arrive shortly.

Although ERC-721 standard’s design will require manual addition of each legacy token, it is expected that ERC-1155 tokens will automatically be added to the wallet once full support is in operation. The ERC-1155 tokens will be integrated into the wallet as they are created, thus ensuring efficient and straightforward support for ERC-1155 embracers.

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As a means to mark this enormous event, Enjin Wallet users can claim a free multiverse item that can be used in at least seven different games by registering here.

Secure and Critically Acclaimed Cryptocurrency Wallet

Being one of the most acclaimed cryptocurrency wallets, the Enjin Smart Wallet continually endeavors to live up to the mark.

Featuring a seamless and intuitive interface, fingerprint login, and the ability to manage unlimited blockchain addresses, the Enjin Smart Wallet is the gold standard for all the crypto wallets.

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To ensure unparalleled safety for its users, the wallet makes use of NSA-grade AES-256 encryption, Arm Compiler, RAM and Hardware Encryption, and a keylogger-proof keyboard. These cutting-edge features put the Enjin Wallet ahead of the majority of the banking and finance apps.


The Enjin Wallet prides itself on having a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the Google Play Store, which roughly amounts to 94 percent of positive reviews by its Android app users. In addition, the wallet has been downloaded from the Play Store more than 129,000 times.

Support for ERC-1155 Tokens

Enjin launched its smart contracts on Ethereum’s mainnet on July 28, 2018.

This move enables the ERC-1155 tokens to be minted on the Ethereum platform. The firm believes that ERC-1155 is the next evolution of ERC-20 and ERC-721 token standards, and the launch of its smart contracts on Ethereum’s mainnet will enable developers to create their own ERC-1155 tokens using Enjin’s powerful suite of tools.

ERC-1155 tokens provide a plethora of superior technological features and real-world cases for blockchain technology. Due to this very reason, the token has managed to amass a considerable following in a relatively short period.

Being inherently flexible in its utility, the new token standard allows users to execute bundled transactions of up to 200 tokens at a time. Additionally, it also allows the creation of fungible, semi-fungible, and non-fungible tokens utilizing a single set of smart contracts. This means that each item minted using the token standard can be completely identical, completely unique, or somewhere in the middle.

It is worth pointing out that the use of ERC-1155 tokens is not limited to the gaming industry, i.e., the token standard can be utilized in many domains including supply chain management, social media apps, and licensing 3D industrial models, among other things.

Enter EnjinX

EnjinX, the much-anticipated blockchain explorer by Enjin will also feature built-in support for the ERC-1155 token. EnjinX is primed to change the way users interact with the blockchain by providing a platform to integrate the DLT into games, dApps, and websites.

The blockchain explorer’s web interface will allow users to cross-check the intrinsic value of collectibles held by retrieving data relating to their identity, history, scarcity, and authenticity. Putting their faith in ERC-1155, seven games have already announced their plans to adopt the token standard to tokenize gaming collectibles.

As a testament to its potential, Unity Technologies has announced its plans to list Enjin’s Blockchain Software Development Kit (SDK) on the front page of their Asset Store. The Unity game engine is the largest game development platform in the world.

By adopting Enjin’s Blockchain SDK, 4.5 million Unity developers will have access to mint ERC-1155 crypto collectibles and keep track of advanced gameplay mechanics using transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Users interested in minting ERC-1155 tokens using any of the platforms offered by Enjin must have Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Ethereum (ETH) tokens.

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