EWO Place Makes “Crypto Harvesting” Easy without Yield Farming Complexities


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EWO place, a UK startup is bringing crypto staking to Real Estate through its innovative ‘property subscriptions’ that enable users to not only earn rewards in the form of EWO tokens but also help local communities in the real world get access to affordable renting.

EWO Place Makes Staking Easy

The yield farming frenzy is showing signs of a cool down in the crypto industry. The technical complexities and safety issues associated with the latest crypto fad makes it unfeasible for the majority of users looking to put their crypto holdings to productive use. This is where EWO place steps in.

With an aim to make staking universally accessible, EWO place has introduced a simple staking service backed by their own Real Estate.

After years in BETA, EWO place has developed into a platform that provides “the” alternative to the complex yield farming. In addition, it also serves as an easy “no-coiners” introduction to earn crypto without mining, trading or getting involved in DeFi lending schemes.

How Does It Work?

EWO place’s motto “Earn Without Owning” comprehensively sums up its staking architecture.

The startup rewards users by tapping into revenue from its Real Estate portfolio without securitizing their assets. Simultaneously, it cuts down rents for communities to make renting affordable for all. This twofold approach — “real estate activism” – as EWO place would call it, holds the potential to change the mechanics of the Real Estate industry.

Without undergoing any sign-up or registration process requiring personal data, users can seamlessly “subscribe” to actual EWO properties by choosing and staking into the platform, just like a savings account for crypto.

EWO place’s iOS and Android apps provide non-custodial wallets for Ether (ETH) and EWO tokens (EWO) that keep balances separated from subscriptions. This segregation allows users to earn and move tokens in or out of properties and wallets at will. In addition, the apps offer staking, withdrawals, a support chat, and notifications.

At the time of writing, EWO place offers rates as high as 11.9% APR. The platform makes weekly rent-like payouts to subscribers who are not using or occupying the properties.

For users who choose to utilize the properties, their usage fees come from their own subscription balances. This mechanism allows users to go as far as matching their stake-usage ratio, so there is nothing to pay.

Essentially, users can rent EWO properties without having to pay if they stake the appropriate amount of EWO tokens on the platform.

Richard Mathieson, a co-founder of the platform says,

“EWO’s subscriptions are like usage pools measured in tokens. While using a property may cost some, matching usage with your pool balance leaves nothing to pay. The key is that earning is as simple as not being there.”


“Subscribing is not buying into the property but becoming a member of that location instead, from anywhere you may be in the world.”

Leveraging Crypto for Humanitarian Purpose

As alluded to earlier, EWO place’s properties subscriptions are aimed toward providing the right balance between rewarding users on one side while cutting rents for communities on the other.

With property investments becoming increasingly out of reach of the common folk, the necessity for a platform that democratizes the Real Estate industry is apparent. EWO place aims to fix this using blockchain technology.

Mathieson notes,

“As we like to put it, EWO lets you earn from properties you don’t own while helping people you don’t know.”

EWO place facilitates tenants experience leases with decreasing rents by simply subscribing to the properties they occupy.

Learn more about EWO place at https://www.ewoplace.com

Connect with EWO Place

Twitter @ewplace https://twitter.com/ewoplace

Telegram @ewplace https://t.me/ewoplace

iOS App https://apps.apple.com/app/ewo-place/id1449253851

Android App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ewoplace.ewo

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