Fake Kate Winslet BBC Interview Promotes Fraudulent Bitcoin Scam


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Hollywood actress Kate Winslet is looking to sue a group of bitcoin scammers who impersonated her to get money from unsuspecting investors. According to a report on September 23, 2019, the schemers alleged that the actress made her fortune through cryptocurrency investments. 

Tip of the Iceberg

A group of online bitcoin scammers faked a BBC interview with English Hollywood actress, Kate Winslet, to lure potential investors into investing in their bitcoin fraud. The bad actors further put an image of Winslet on a BBC logo, to get traction and make their claim look “authentic”.

Part of the false statement from Winslet’s fabricated BBC interview stated the actress’s success was as a result of grabbing opportunities when they came. Also, Winslet allegedly stated that her top source of making money at the moment was investing in an auto-trading program known as Bitcoin Code. 

However, the Grammy-Award winning Titantic actress has come out to deny any association with the fraudulent bitcoin scheme that was promoted using her image and is planning to sue the online bitcoin scammers. 

According to Winslet’s spokesperson, the claims made by the fraudsters were false and the bitcoin scam artists only leveraged on the actress’s fame to trick investors.

Apart from using Winslet’s image to promote the fraudulent scheme, part of the fake interview stated that Winslet was calling for investors to invest in Bitcoin Code with £300. Also, investors would need to pay an additional £50 to purchase the software. 

Bitcoin Scammers Leverage on Celebrities

Winslet has unfortunately joined the list of celebrities whose images have been used to promote one fraudulent online bitcoin scam or the other. Due to the popularity of these celebrities, it is often believed that investors would easily fall for any scheme allegedly promoted by a celebrity. 

Back in 2018, bitcoin scammers created a fake Elon Musk Twitter account. Per the report at the time, the scam promoted a fake giveaway from Elon Musk who wanted to appreciate followers. 

Before the Elon Musk saga, a cryptocurrency website, MIROSKII, used the image of Canadian Hollywood actor, Ryan Gosling, on their website. The website inserted the image of the actor as its graphic designer, although with a different name. 

In July 2019, BTCManager reported that a fraudulent bitcoin scheme fleeced investors on Facebook, by claiming to have the blessing of Abu Dhabi’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed. The bogus scheme claimed that investors would become rich within seven days if they deposited at least, AED1000. 

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