Gods Unchained Records Higher Usage than CryptoKitties, Ethereum Network Remains Unclogged


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It wasn’t too long ago that CryptoKitties fever went overboard and crashed the entire Ethereum network with an unfathomable number of transactions. In a recent Twitter thread, Coin Metrics explains how Gods Unchained, a digital card trading game, has surpassed CryptoKitties in transaction volume without being a burden on the network, November 20, 2019.

Rational Behaviour Leads to Rational Outcomes

4.7 million individual transactions from CryptoKitties over the span of a few days made life hell for everyone using Ethereum. Of course, nobody is directly at fault for this, and a positive outcome of the network clog is that lessons were learned.

Gods Unchained has transferred over 6 million cards in the last 3 days alone, surpassing CryptoKitties lifetime volume. Despite this, Ethereum is running as smooth as butter, with network usage consistently below 85 percent since the FairWin Ponzi was taken down by the community.

Instead of processing individual transactions, Gods Unchained batched their transactions. Simply put, they provided the data for a bunch of transfers into the hash of one transaction to be verified on the network. This is an extremely healthy practice, and quite surprising given that companies like Coinbase – worth over $8 billion – still don’t batch transactions and routinely clog crypto networks.

Gods Unchained has become the most popular Ethereum game with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), whilst the company that launched CryptoKitties has decided to launch their own blockchain.

Solving Problems Takes Time

Bitcoin and Ethereum were launched to solve the social problems caused by centralized systems, but they traded away scalability in exchange for transparency.

So naturally, it will take a little time for innovation to catch up and help us find new ways to make these transparent ledgers more scalable. They come in all shapes and sizes, like the Lightning Network or sharding.

The network clog of 2017 was seen as a major pitfall of Ethereum, and it was at the core of negative sentiment for a very, very long time. Now that we can afford ourselves the luxury of transacting heavily in NFTs without coming close to clogging the network, the argument shifts from one dimension to another.

But a reason to criticize will always exist and always be leveraged. Solving major bottlenecks takes time, but it isn’t impossible.

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