Golem Extends Use Case to Gaming Platforms


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The Golem Network (GNT) has tied up with video game platform Hoard to integrate blockchain technology and allow developers who require large amounts of computing power to seamlessly do so through Golem’s services.

Bringing Gaming to the Blockchain

Blockchain games have been taken to new heights with the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFT). From CryptoKitties spamming the Ethereum network to F1 Delta Time’s $100,000 collectible sale, there is an undeniable surge in interest for blockchain games.

Most of TRON’s network activity, for instance, comes from gaming and gambling platforms like TRONdice.

In the latest, Golem has partnered with Hoard to bring efficient computing to game developers who deal with several MB’s of code and hundreds of GB of infrastructure assets. The first use case to be developed is a code compiler which aims to unburden developers from traditional distributed computing hassles. Golem’s offering will allow subnetwork management from a single web channel where users can see the total capacity they can claim and detailed information about the node.

Hoard serves in an advisory role for game developers and additionally functions as an external developer in preparing this offering.

Games require a massive amount of computing power to be developed, given the intensity of the functions. Graphics design is the heaviest component of the entire process, and by building a game on Golem, developers will be able to leverage the computational power-sharing mechanism of the underlying network.

Golem claims this is just the initial rollout and more milestones will be hit in the near future. These include recompression of textures in graphic design and baking global illumination data, shadows, and static lighting.

The Potential of the Golem Network

In an age of increasingly heavy applications, the potential for a decentralized computing network is immense. Current use cases of the platform range from CGI and VFX rendering to testing parameters to a machine learning algorithm.

In a global environment where awareness for privacy is increasing, many computational intensive tasks that rely on cloud services may choose to shift to better governed distributed service to keep their data local.

Golem provides the means for people to do so and has showcased its ability to both protect data and facilitate the flow of computing power. By widening their bandwidth to new sectors where computing is a core necessity, Golem is priming itself to become a solution for any company, group, or person that needs to rent computing power.

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