Holdvest: Combining the Best of Cryptocurrencies Exchanges, Brokers and Trading Apps


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With bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies having witnessed a significant price rise since June 2017, it is clear that more and more investors are entering the digital currency market every day. For reference, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies increased from $40 billion in early 2017 to over $400 billion in May 2018. There are also now more than 1600 cryptocurrencies traded on exchanges worldwide.

A major pain point for most investors, however, is how it has become almost impossible for exchanges to offer more than a few trading pairs. However, a new company, Holdvest, believes it can finally solve this problem. On the surface, it is a universal platform to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The platform is currently in the process of its own pre-ICO wherein it is offering its native HDL token to early investors. In time, the token will be used to unlock premium features on the platform.

With over a thousand cryptocurrencies and several hundred ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges are struggling to service investors. As a result, some digital tokens see very low volumes on a particular trading platform but have high trading volumes and a different price on another cryptocurrency exchange.

Holdvest, in comparison, proposes a unique platform where users can trade in cryptocurrencies of their choice while also being able to invest in ICOs directly. The platform is, therefore, not only a typical digital currency exchange but also a facilitator for settling cryptocurrency orders by combining the best features of exchanges, brokerages, and instant trading applications.

Multifaceted Universal Trading Platform

The Holdvest platform is hosted on the Waves blockchain and monetized through its HDL token. These tokens will be used to pay for trading fees and upcoming premium features of the platform such as margin trading and arbitrage. The trading platform will also make it possible for investors to buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies from the same account, eliminating the need for users to open accounts at different cryptocurrency exchanges.


Whenever an order is placed on the platform, Holdvest will analyze all other cryptocurrency exchanges to find the best possible price. The price comparison is critical because, at times, a currency’s price varies from platform to platform. The company will account for all of this, making it more profitable for investors. Investors will also be able to invest in ICOs using the platform.

Furthermore, Holdvest will allow users to transfer their digital coins to a cold wallet as soon as their order gets fulfilled. Cold wallet storage increases the security of a customer’s holdings as no tokens will be stored by the company. Investors will also pay less trading fees as compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.

The developers ensured that a proper working website was made functional before the ICO. The trading site is live and can be used to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies already.

Token Sale to Run into June

The first round of presale have been ended, HOLDVEST is pleased by this early investment, it had considerable interest from the community. The attention by investors establishes that investors see the need for a universal crypto trading gateway and shows that they see the strength in both the concept and the business implementation. HOLDVEST are preparing the main stage of token sale in a few weeks in June.

The pre-sale of the HDL token began on May 08, 2018 and will run till June 07, 2018. During main token sale HDL tokens will be sold at a base price of 0.0001 BTC which are available at a price of 0.000065 BTC during the pre ICO phase. The ICO has a soft cap of $500,000 and a hard cap of $5 million. All unspent tokens will be burned after the ICO.

The Holdvest team is led by the company’s CEO, Igor Pletenev, who is an experienced IT industry entrepreneur with experience in blockchain projects. He wrote the platform’s white paper, stating, “Holdvest significantly lowers the barrier to starting investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects by removing the difficulties of finding the most promising instruments, creating wallets, transferring funds and controlling your earnings.”

Waves DEX Developer Joins HOLDVEST

The team also consists of Alexey Koloskov,  who was the developer for the WavesDEX a decentralized platform allowing the trading of cryptocurrencies. Alexey will bring his expertise and experience to his role as Chief  Technology Officer to HOLDVEST to harness its vision of a universal trading portal and ensure the balance between security and efficiency is maintained throughout the platform.

Ultimately, the main selling point of the platform is its flagship liquidity aggregator engine. It enables investors to trade in a plethora of digital currencies without having to open accounts at multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Users will, however, have to go through a singular KYC process with Holdvest.