How the Tides May Be Turning Against Craig Wright


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Daniel Kelman, an established lawyer associated with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2013, published a blog post of his opinions on Kleiman Vs Wright based on his legal expertise, June 23, 2019.

Strategies Playing Out

Kleiman vs Wright is one of the most closely followed lawsuits in the crypto community, as it sets the ground for obtaining the truth as to whether Craig Wright is actually Satoshi. Wright’s reluctance to prove that he is Satoshi by signing a key known to be held by the real Satoshi is the single most significant reason for most people refusing to acknowledge him as Satoshi. Wright is hell-bent on attacking those who do not believe his claims through the legal system, and this may prove to be fatal to his career as an entrepreneur.

The Kleiman camp is suing Craig for allegedly stealing billions of USD worth of BTC from Dave Kleiman, who is now deceased. While their motive says they’re doing this for money, their actions say something else. When the aspect of the blind trust was brought up, Kleiman’s lawyers seemed to question the legitimacy of such a trust and whether it truly exists – which is contradictory to their initial claim that Craig stole BTC from Dave Kleiman.

On the other hand, Craig Wright has been asked to access the trust and provide a list of BTC addresses to which he mined coins. Rather than posturing a legal argument, his is centered around technicalities. Wright claims, and has submitted an affidavit, that most of the trustees are unreachable, liquidated, or dead, which the court and US Magistrate Reinhart refuse to believe is true. A hearing has been set for June 28 to decide whether Craig Wright should be held in contempt of court for refusing to abide by the court’s rulings.



How Long Will This Go On?

The entire debacle of Craig Wright being Satoshi has dragged on for too long without a fruitful discussion or conversation. While Wright is focused on suing everyone he can lay his eyes on, the rest of the crypto community are equally to blame for allowing him to soak in the spotlight he desires.

Ignoring Craig Wright is understanding that the real Satoshi was someone who always believed in the power of code and decentralization. So far, Wright has sought to prove his claim through a centralized judicial system and refused to acknowledge the power of Bitcoin’s code. The discrepancies between history and Wright’s claims are too steep to keep ignoring.

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