IOST Foundation Partners with INFUN Gaming to Foster the Growth of IOST Ecosystem


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In a blog post on September 13, 2019, IOST Foundation, the team behind the IOST ultra-high TPS blockchain platform announced its partnership with INFUN, a blockchain game publisher. The collaboration will enable INFUN to use its products & resources to foster the growth of the IOST ecosystem and launch a role-playing game on IOST later in October 2019.

Partnership to Foster User Acquisition and Retention on IOST

Per the publication, IOST Foundation has inked a strategic partnership deal with INFUN, to enable the latter to use its products and resources in promoting user acquisition and retention on the IOST network.

Also, INFUN will help to maintain and grow IOST’s existing communities and its entire ecosystem.

The IOST Foundation says its collaboration with INFUN took place earlier this month after the latter gained 2.1 million votes to become an elected partner node on the IOST network.

INFUN Focused on Promoting Broader DLT Adoption

Throwing more light on its new alliance, the IOST team said INFUN has a goal of developing the distributed ledger technology (DLT) and fostering its mass adoption by developing innovative online games that support the token economy model.

IOST says another strong point of INFUN is its fantasy-themed games offerings, some of which have gained significant traction in the gaming ecosystem, including  TronRaider.

TronRaider reportedly generated a daily transaction volume of over USD 100,000 within seven days after its launch.

INFUN to Launch Role Playing Game on IOST in October

Interestingly, INFUN has revealed plans to launch a new role-playing game called Eternal Fafnir, on IOST in October 2019.

The team says Eternal Fafnir is an online game where players can use warriors to fight against evil monsters and win exciting items.

Since the launch of its mainnet earlier in February 2019, IOST has grown to become one of the most popular blockchains for running decentralized applications (dApps), surpassing Ethereum, in terms of the number of transactions made on the network.

IOST Foundation said:

IOST will continue to work hand in hand with developers and our community to build the world’s first scalable and truely decentralized blockchain project, with a vision of on-boarding over 100 million users by 2020.

While blockchain technology has literally revolutionized the world of finance, the nascent technology has is also gaining adoption in the gaming industry.

As BTCManager reported on August 6, 2019, nWay Video Games Developer has launched a blockchain-based monetization system.

On September 11, 2019, BTCManager also informed that Paracosm Games has launched a Tangle-based platform in partnership with IOTA.

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