IOST to Airdrop 88,888 Coins for Voters Who Stake During the Christmas Period


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IOST will airdrop 88,888 coins for voters who stake anytime from Dec 24 and 25, as per an update on Dec 18.

The 88,888 IOST Airdrop

For voters to be eligible, they must maintain their vote until Jan 3, 2021. 

The amount received as airdrops will be proportional to the number of votes received during this period. 

If a voter unstakes before the lock-up period ends, they won’t receive a share of the airdrop even if they had participated in the early stage.

IOST will distribute all airdrops by end of Jan 2021.

Staking is possible in the enterprise-grade, high throughput, and scalable platform. 

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, IOST uses Proof-of-Believability for consensus.

Partner and Servi Nodes

There are various ways that a voter can stake and vote for their favorite full node (validator). 

From their wallet, token holders can cast their vote using the iWallet Chrome from their PC. Alternatively, they can vote from several official IOST wallets, including COBO and Huobi Wallets. 

For the average user, the best way to stake is to vote for a full node. There are two types of full nodes in IOST. 

One of them, the Servi node, must receive 10 million IOST votes. These are the block-producing nodes.

A partner node, on the other hand, has 2.1 million IOST votes. 

Partner nodes are eligible to receive four percent of IOST total supply every year. Both of these nodes work together to build and grow the IOST ecosystem.

Reward Distribution

Voters will receive and share 50 percent of all the IOST rewards.

However, the bonus received will depend on the number of voters. The more there are, the fewer the yields a voter will receive. 

Following the launch of the IOST Node Program v2.0 on March 10, the freeze period was reduced from a week to three days. 

The result was more flexibility for voters, who in turn, earn superior yields of over 10 percent annually.  

As BTCManager recently reported, the IOST platform was voted as the best public blockchain, superior than EOS and Ethereum, in technology application. The platform is also continuously working with governments, especially with agencies in China, advancing the use of blockchain and helping highlight their advantages.

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