IOTA and Pickert Partner for Tangle-Based Zero-Defects Smart Manufacturing


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IOTA has teamed up with a German software company, Pickert, to deploy its Tangle distributed ledger framework in smart manufacturing. Of particular interest is the way in which the technology can be utilized in creating a framework in ensuring zero-defects production.  

Blockchain Technology For Zero-Defects Smart Manufacturing

In a blog post published on Medium on Wednesday (May 6, 2020), the IOTA Foundation announced the news of the partnership. According to the announcement, the use of IOTA Tangle framework will ensure transparency and drastically reduce defects found in smart manufacturing. 

As part of the collaboration with Pickert, IOTA is looking to show how the Tangle can be deployed in smart manufacturing with a focus on digital twins and zero-defects production. According to the blog post, IOTA plans to show how the Tangle can be deployed in the monitoring and traceability needed for robust zero-defects protocols.

For IOTA, distributed ledger technology (DLT) can provide the necessary base layer for storing all necessary design details for the digital twin. Given the immutability of distributed ledger, a Tangle-based smart manufacturing infrastructure can allow producers to identify, analyze, evaluate, and securely store data from defects that might occur along the production line

Commenting on the collaboration between both companies, IOTA Foundation’s Holger Köther, the Director Partner Management, said:

“Pickert impressively demonstrates the benefits of utilizing IOTA for digital twins in manufacturing. Not only is the data stored immutably, it can also easily be enriched by manufacturing partners as part of a larger and more complex digital twin. IOTA’s digital infrastructure provides the trust to document authenticity and provenance and add transparency across different industries.”

IOTA Pursuing More Industry-Specific Use Cases

The partnership with Pickert is the latest in a string of developments going on in the IOTA ecosystem, which looks to expand its sphere of applicability. As reported by BTCManager early in May 2020, SOCIETY2, built on the IOTA network, announced the launch of the IOTA-based social media network aimed at giving users data privacy control. 

Also, the IOTA Foundation collaborated with 16 other firms including Dell Technologies, Eclipse Foundation, and Software AG, to form the Tangle EE Working Group in order to scale up IOTA adoption. 

In addition, IOTA released the first version of the Coordicide Alphanet, with the aim of making the network decentralized, fast, and secure. At a meeting held in Argentina in April 2020, the IOTA community in the country stated that the Coordinator version needed to be eliminated due to its highly centralized nature among other issues.

Furthermore, the Coordicide version seeks to initially increase transactions up to 1,000 transactions per second (TPS), while targeting a long-term goal of unlimited TPS.  The Coordicide Alphanet is expected to launch in Q2 2020. 

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