Is Android Really Better Than iOS For Playing Online Slots?


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Since the beginning of the smartphone era, there has always been a war between iOS and Android users. While it is really hard to decide which one is better, there are certain areas in which one is far better than the other. Today, we would like to settle once and for all which operating system is the best for playing online slots.

What kind of online slots can you play on mobile?

First things first, you must know that there are three different types of slots that you have access to from either operating system:

Freemium – these are online slot machines that allow you to spin the reels and win play money and, if you run out of credits, you can purchase some through microtransactions. Be advised that these slots are purely recreational, and you won’t be able to cash out any winnings. The rules and configurations like the random number generator on the freemium games are slightly different from the real deal;

Real-money slots – some online casinos have dedicated mobile apps for both operating systems that you can get directly in the app store. However, Google has restricted developers from most countries to publish their casino apps on its platform. Therefore, you might need to directly install the app, which is not possible on iOS without jailbreak. Android, on the other hand, is not so restrictive. You can easily install external apps and start gambling right away. Keep in mind that there are many illegal online casinos that might seem legit, but are actually scams. In order to stay away from these, we would highly suggest that you do your research before installing apps from unknown sources.

While there are many country restrictions in the Google Play Store, players from France, the United Kingdom, and Ireland are in luck, because those locations allow players to download real-money apps. In case you don’t find your favorite online casino in the store, you can always download the APK directly from the operator’s website and you’re all set. On this page, you can find the best slots available in UK for online gamblers, get bonuses to play them with, and even get some only available on mobile devices.

Browser-based games – these are slots that you can access directly from your mobile browser. The websites are more optimized on Android and offer a modern interface and different features compared to the iOS version. This is happening mainly because there are way more people that have Android phones than iPhones, so the development efforts are higher and you can easily see the differences between the two operating systems by testing the same game on both platforms.

Android vs iOS – a never-ending battle

We agree that the fact that you can download online casino apps directly from the App Store is an advantage because there won’t be any scammers to worry about, but not having the possibility to install external apps might come as a downside if you are a member of a casino that doesn’t have the right to publish yet. There is always the possibility of playing directly from the browser, but you won’t get the same experience.
Based on what tech community you’re getting your information from, you might notice that most of their opinions are biased because their content is sponsored. This article is purely based on research and playtesting on both operating systems, which should give you a real overview of their pros and cons. Of course, based on your personal preferences, you can choose which suits your needs the most.

Which Operating System is better?

Choosing the best platform is not an easy task, because they are pretty much similar, except for maybe the price and brand. Apple, for instance, only produces iPhones, which offers consistent quality, the most user-friendly interface, and great security and stability. The main downside is the high price tag that it comes with and the app restrictions that are mainly due to security reasons. On the other hand, Android offers a wide variety of prices, mainly because Google allows most phone producers to use their operating system. But this comes with some negative aspects, such as unstable versions, poor quality designs, different functions and restrictions based on the country you’re in.

So basically, Apple is a premium product that offers you guaranteed stability with certain restrictions for a higher price, while Android has more customization, freedom, and variety, but the security is a bit weaker.

When it comes to gambling, our winner is Android, but this is just because of the highly optimized apps that you usually download from external sources. However, this doesn’t mean that your online casino experience on iOS will be drastically different, but since the price point is quite high for an iPhone, we suggest you go for the Android version and start enjoying the best slots!

Final words

No matter what platform you go for, you will always be able to enjoy the mobile browser-based version of any online casino and get a quality experience. However, Android is by far the winner, because it is more versatile and optimized for gambling, but make sure you carefully check whether the casino is licensed and that all the games are tested and have a fair return to player. It’s not a simple choice because both platforms offer a lot of great features, and they are similar in many ways. Make sure you always consider gambling a form of entertainment and avoid spending more than you can afford. Stay informed and you will fill your pockets with loads of cash earned from online slots!

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