Laurence Fishburne Draws Attention to Blockchain on “Behind the Scenes” TV Show


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“Behind the Scenes”, a television series hosted by renown actor Laurence Fishburne, is one that aims to educate audiences on a broad set of new emerging topics that affect modern society. Fascinatingly, in an upcoming episode, the show will cover the effects of blockchain technology and the problems the revolutionary technology can solve. As per a press release, July 20, 2019.

Notable Media Coverage

The effect of media on shaping general opinions and consensus is often undermined by the majority. What we read and watch has a colossal impact on how our perceptions toward specific situations and concepts shape up. This principle was the basis for politicians’ use of Twitter bots and fraudulent Facebook campaigns to sway voter ideals.

Bitcoin’s coverage on 60 Minutes created record high’s in terms of Google search volume for broad topics surrounding cryptocurrency. The episode featured the likes of Charlie Shrem and Neha Narula, covering significant ground from the invention and technical aspects of Bitcoin to Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Banking on Bitcoin is a documentary that was recently listed on Netflix, featuring notable players in cryptocurrency like Nathaniel Popper and Gavin Andresen. Viewers are given the full experience from how Bitcoin was created to how it can change the entire world. Exposure on popular mediums like Netflix go a long way in creating awareness and stimulating adoption.

There are many other documentaries, such as The Blockchain and Us by Manuel Stagars, but nothing has had the reach of 60 Minutes and Banking on Bitcoin. An icon like Laurence Fishburne will be able to draw a remarkable audience which could help spread the word. Fishburne is idolized for his role as Morpheus in The Matrix Trilogy, which explored computers and anti-establishment in great depth. It’s almost poetic to see the man who portrayed a character that leads a cypherpunk resistance group against tyranical machines now bringing awareness to the benefits of using a blockchain.

Blockchain or Bitcoin?

The number of maximalists in Bitcoin has been steadily on the rise since the January 2019 bottom. Bitcoin maximalists are of the belief that true value comes from its ability to use the blockchain to resist censorship and promote immutability – not the blockchain itself.

Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song has been a long-time critic of other blockchain use cases, believing that it only serves its use with Bitcoin. He says that blockchains are slow, expensive to run, and difficult to maintain; and he is right for the most part.

However, blockchains also promote transparency, inclusive participation, and equal dissemination of information. The economic system that governs every country on Earth today is guilt of corrupt and crony practices to maintain their authority by pleasing the wealthy. Blockchains provide a solution to redistribution of that power to some degree, so it is important to have media coverage through articles, videos, and information TV shows to help spread the word.

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