Ledger Nano X: Just as Secure, Now Mobile


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Cryptocurrencies are beginning to emerge in the mainstream, and with a historical track record of security flaws, the market was wide open for those who sought to establish a means for people to easily, safely and securely store their crypto. Ledger is one of those companies and here, we’ll be taking a closer look at their latest hardware wallet offering, the Ledger Nano X.

Cold Hard Crypto Storage

While Trezors are also a favorite for securing Bitcoin, Ledger has quickly gained popularity due to their devices ability to store over 1100 different crypto assets from the same 24-word phrase.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a review unit that Ledger sent me. Due to some production delays, the device is still on preorder but should be shipping soon. The Ledger Nano X is the latest in the Ledger Hardware Wallet product line Up, improving upon the Nano S in virtually every aspect.

But how does it handle? Is it worth buying if you have a Nano S, or, is it right for you if you’re looking for your first crypto hardware wallet?

Read on to see my impressions of the device, and see for yourself if a Nano X is right for you.

So what’s new?

The Nano X has improved on the user experience by including a 100 maH battery to allow for several hours of untethered usage as well as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which when paired with the Ledger Live App, allows users to securely send transactions on the go.

The device swaps the two side buttons on the Ledger Nano S for two front-facing buttons for interacting with the operating system. The buttons are not only circular for comfort, but also larger and flush with the device to help match the aesthetic.

In my use, they also provided a better tactile experience, allowing for increased confidence when inputting or confirming data.

The inclusion of the battery and larger screen means the device is also slightly bigger in every dimension and feels like a longer than normal USB drive if it was filled with sand.

What’s Inside?

Inside the box, you get the device, a USB C cable, and a little lanyard to keep track of your wallet. A nice upgrade was the inclusion of three recovery sheets, which allows you to keep separate copies of your phrase in geographically different locations.

There’s also an instruction manual in several languages, but if you’ve handled previous offerings from Ledger or are tech-savvy enough, you won’t need it.


Setup is simple – plug it in, be greeted by the welcome screen, and follow the on-screen instructions. The left and right buttons are used to change values up and down (or left or right, depending on the situation), and you press both to confirm a selection.

Once you’ve selected your PIN, you then write down the seed phrase generated by the device, which then you are required to reenter into the device to ensure you correctly recorded it.

This part is a bit tedious due to the limited input of two buttons but is a necessary step to ensure you’re able to recover your coins in case of an unforeseen accident.

Download the Ledger Live App for both your desktop and mobile (supported on both iOS and Android) and you’re right as rain.


After spending a couple of days with it – it’s a logical addition to the Ledger family and does a great job of fleshing out their product offering. After speaking with Eric Larcheveque, CEO at Ledger, he told me that the Ledger Nano X was in direct response to consumer demand for a way to access their crypto assets with the same level of security while on the go.

Longtime users of the Nano S will know the struggles of juggling multiple crypto assets, as there really was only storage for maybe 3 or 4 different wallets at a time. With Ledger’s ethos being a secure solution for all of your cryptocurrencies, this implementation left users seeking for a little more.

The Nano X is priced at $119, making it a very reasonably priced device for what you’re getting. Nano S’s are now going for $59 as well, and a Backup Pack Bundle allows you to get both for $149.

More updates have already been planned in the roadmap, such as ERC-20 support, which will only bring further value and practicality for this solidly built hardware wallet.

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