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After interviewing Dee Lee, aelf’s (ELF) Social Media Manager, BTCManager got the opportunity to sit down with the blockchain project’s Head of Content, Mappo. In this interview, we ask Mappo about his story at aelf, things in aelf that appeal to him, and any upcoming developments that the aelf community can expect from the project during the rest of 2020.

Can you introduce yourself to us?

I’m Joshua (Aka Mappo), aelf’s Head of Content. I take care of all English content, PR and other marketing or community activities. I’m Australian but have had the pleasure of traveling to many countries around the world. I’m an architect by profession but have also worked in retail, tech, finance and now blockchain.

Can you tell us your story, how you ended up at aelf?

When working in finance a client introduced me to cryptocurrencies. I was immediately interested and looked into it. I soon started trading and noticed a massive lack of quality content written for the public to understand blockchain. I started writing as a freelancer, approaching many projects including aelf. We negotiated a full-time role and I’ve been working with aelf ever since!

What interested you about the aelf project that made you want to get involved?

A few things stood out to me about aelf. First was that they weren’t a consumer product, it’s easy to sell something to the public but much harder to retain them. Businesses are much harder to sell to initially and to me that said aelf was serious about what they were trying to achieve. I also liked that they didn’t run an ICO, but instead ran a private sale, again signifying to me their quality and experience in the business space. Finally, I liked the product itself, an enterprise-ready blockchain solution, and the team.

What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

I almost never have a typical day, this is what makes my job so special. One day could be working on a technical document or a new announcement, the next day could be developing a new marketing initiative, while the next day could be meeting with potential partners for my youtube series, the dapper weekly. I’ve spent much of the last few months working with artists, video editors, and other professionals to develop an awesome new initiative called the Crypto Anthem. The teaser was released just a few days ago. And we’re about to release the whole song! I’m super excited about this and don’t know of any other individual or project that has even attempted to get as many projects referenced in this song as we have accomplished!!! It’s things like this which make my job so exhilarating sometimes!

I do always make sure, I spend some time on crypto twitter and check out main crypto news sites to stay on top of current sentiment and news.

What are some interesting facts about you?

Hmm, well I used to teach parkour for a few years. I’ve broken almost 10 bones but only one of those was due to parkour. I also play the drums, spraypaint and have many other random hobbies. I’ve also given my hand to start up a few small companies in my past.

What is something exciting that you are working on with aelf for 2020?

Well, I’ve already mentioned the crypto anthem, that’s probably the most exciting thing that I’m able to mention right now. The other thing would be Season 2 of the Dapper Weekly. It’s a youtube series that reviews dApps from all platforms around the blockchain industry. At the end of season 1 we ran a giveaway of $1,500. This coming season I’m planning more interviews, giveaways, and an even bigger end of season major giveaway!! We’ve already partnered with all the major dApp sites:, Dapprader, DappReview, and State of the Dapps, and will have plenty of exciting and interesting content to come!

20 in 20


Animal: Tiger (Meerkat is a close second)

Food: Kobeba

Colour: Red

Movie: Lord of the Rings; The Good, The Bad & The Weird, Most Clint Eastwood movies

Song: Bluebird by Oneself

Country: Japan

Thing to do: So many things, currently I love to play Dota 2

Book: The Bible

Quote: When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die

Cartoon Character: Mario!!!!!!

3 Hobbies: Spraypaint, Gaming, photo/video editing

3 apps you’re always on: Wechat, Whatsapp, Blockfolio

3 desserts/sweets: Chocolate, Gingerbread, Salt & Vinegar Chips (Has to be Kettle or Red Rock Brand!)

A lesson to others wanting to get into blockchain: This rabbit hole is big and long, don’t wait to dive in. Get started by reading, there is now plenty of content online. We are still an emerging technology, so get in, make yourself in demand and you’ll succeed in the future.

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