Ontology (ONT) Inks Partnership Deal with Blocery to Enable Decentralized Shopping


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Ontology (ONT) a blockchain project that claims to be dedicated to creating a high-performance public blockchain and a distributed trust collaboration platform, has partnered with Blocery, high-end agricultural products and grocery pre-purchase e-commerce platform, to enable the masses to easily purchase groceries with the latter’s decentralized application (dApp), according to a blog post on November 7, 2019.

Ontology Welcomes New Partner 

As stated in its blog post, Blocery, a high-end agricultural product platform that allows users to pre-purchase groceries via its decentralized application, is now a part of the Ontology ecosystem.

With the partnership, Ontology will provide Blocery with the capital and infrastructural support it needs to develop decentralized applications upon the Ontology blockchain and support the latter’s decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem.

What’s more, Blocery and its parent company, Ezfarm a South Korean firm that claims to have been actively involved in agri-tech for nearly two decades, establishing deep connections with Korea’s Garak market, plan to provide working capital for vendors of agricultural products in the region.

Blocery makes it possible for farmers to locate end-users of their food products and strike a deal even before the products are harvested.

Commenting on the Blocery-Ontology partnership, Andy JI, co-founder of Ontology reiterated that:

Blocery is an interesting project that has survived the blockchain winter, with a strong background in agriculture within its local market. Its supply chain finance business model will thrive in the DeFi ecosystem of Ontology.

Ontology Adoption on the Rise 

Blocery says it plans to launch a beta version of its dApp by the end of 2019, with plans to migrate to the Ontology blockchain in Q1 2020.

Earlier in July 2019, Opera browser integrated Ontology’s public chain technology into its platform, to enable ONT ID users to easily access the Ontology network.

On July 18, 2019, BTCManager informed that Ontology and NEO (NEO) had collaboratively launched an open-source cross-chain network to accelerate the growth of the decentralized web.

More recently, in October, Ontology announced its v1.8.0 upgrade, which comes with the Wasm functionality, to enable developers to work with a vast array of advanced programming languages, including C++, Rust, and more, on the Ontology network.

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