Opera Now Permits Users to Send NFTs Directly From Crypto Wallet


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Opera browser has claimed a bit of history after becoming the first browser to offer users a built-in crypto wallet back in July 2018. A blog post on the Opera website on September 7, 2018, states that the wallet’s new features now permit users to be kept in the know regarding transaction activity status and send crypto collectibles such as Crypto Kitties directly from the Opera crypto wallet.

NFTs on Opera Wallet

According to the blogpost, Opera believes that collectibles, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are set to become a crucial part of people’s everyday lives as things increasingly migrate online. Effective immediately, users will now be able to collect these unique tokens which may range from baseball cards to the popular CryptoKitties and store them in their Opera crypto wallet.

A quote from the announcement reads:

“We believe this is only the beginning of this trend and that, as technology and usability improve, more online games and other services will adopt such tokens. We also see the possibility for these unique tokens to unlock access to content or verify eligibility for certain digital services.”


According to the announcement, the goal of the move is to improve the ease of sending NFTs, making it as easy as sending money via a crypto payments app like Venmo or Vipps. From a user’s perspective, this will make crypto-collectibles more tangible.

Transaction Progress Notification

Opera’s second feature announced with the new update is a crypto transaction notification function which solves the existing common problem of users being left in the dark regarding the status of an ongoing transaction. To solve this problem, the Opera crypto wallet will now track all user transactions and send them updates about transaction progress and completion.

The notification feature is also available to users who are receiving payment, an NFT or any other kind of token. As soon as the asset enters the user’s wallet, they will receive a notification immediately.

This feature, Opera believes represents a considerable step forward in the user experience for sending and receiving crypto-collectibles. According to the blog post, this feature will make NFT exchanges easier and more enjoyable, and it will eventually have a positive effect on adoption going forward.

The announcement also mentions that the updated Opera crypto wallet supports ether and all ERC-20 wallets alongside a select number of ERC-721 Non-fungible tokens. Using the Opera dApp store, users are encouraged to delve into the world of Ethereum dApps.

To test the new crypto wallet which is not yet available publicly, users are advised to visit www.opera.com/crypto to get a test invitation.