OPOLO Cosmos Hardware Wallet Promises Cutting-Edge Security and Ease of Use


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Today, security is inarguably the greatest concern for every cryptocurrency trader. With the number of instances of exchange and online wallet hacks, it’s imperative for cryptocurrency traders to consider owning a hardware wallet.

OPOLO Cosmos Hardware Wallet, the world’s first secure and user-friendly hardware wallet comes with a whole host of innovative features and safety mechanisms that address these security concerns.

Premium Security

The level of security of a hardware wallet is dependent on the EAL certification rating that ranges from 1 to 7. A higher EAL number denotes higher security of the device. While most of the cryptocurrency hardware wallets don’t use SE, the ones that do usually have an EAL rating of 5 or less. OPOLO Cosmos is one of the first wallets with EAL6+ level secure element (SE). This ensures the wallet’s users enjoy the top-class crypto-asset trading experience without compromising on their safety.

As an extra layer of security to the wallet, OPOLO Cosmos doesn’t restrict users to password/passphrase limits. The wallet lets users ensure the safety of their crypto-assets with passwords as long as 127 characters.

OPOLO Cosmos also understands how tedious and complicated the process of taking mnemonics backup or restoring a cryptocurrency wallet can be. In a bid to simplify this seemingly complex process, the hardware wallet uses the revolutionary OPOLO Cards technology which restores and takes the backup of the mnemonics with a single touch.

Simplicity at Its Core

Using an OPOLO Cosmos hardware wallet is extremely simple. OPOLO Cosmos users can enter a password or paraphrase to access the wallet by simply touching the wallet screen, just like a smartphone.

Perhaps one of the most unique features that sets OPOLO Cosmos apart from its competitors is the fact that it doesn’t require users multiple wallet apps to access different cryptocurrencies. Rather, the wallet makes use of a single simple application that has integrated all coins and tokens in one place. Users are no longer required to download an app for every different digital asset they’d want to store on their hardware wallet.

Users of the wallet are also not required to go to any other exchange or website to trade their tokens. By integrating the APIs of exchanges into the wallet, OPOLO Cosmos users can trade crypto-assets directly from the app.

Concluding, OPOLO Cosmos makes for a great choice for those considering purchasing a hardware wallet to ensure the safety of their digital assets. The wallet’s ease of use, coupled with its cutting-edge security features makes it an ideal choice for a hardware wallet.

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