Pantera Capital Invests in Four Scalability-Focused DLT Projects


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Pantera Capital, a distributed ledger technology (DLT) focused investment firm and hedge fund has adopted four blockchain projects aimed at solving the age-long scalability problems of the cryptoverse. The projects include Polkadot, BloXroute, Origin, and Filecoin, reports Forex Crunch on August 29, 2019.

Pantera Capital Focused on Eliminating Scalability Issues 

Of a truth, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have shown in recent times that they have all it takes to transform a vast array of industries in the global economy, however, scalability remains a huge problem preventing the broader adoption of these revolutionary technologies. 

To help the global cryptoverse and blockchain ecosystem win the scalability battle Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital has revealed the four firms the company is backing massively.

In his words:

“We have been supporting them since their earliest stages of development and are excited to see working products ship. Not only will this bring more liquidity to our ICO funds, but also bring additional robustness to blockchain infrastructure.”

The Projects 

Polkadot claims to be developing a technology that would utilize relay chains and parachains to bridge disparate blockchain networks, enabling frictionless cross-chain communication. 

Origin claims to be building a protocol that will facilitate the creation of decentralized marketplaces on the Ethereum smart contracts network. Origin protocol is determined to make it possible for buyers and sellers to connect directly, effectively eliminating third-parties that charge up to 30% per transaction on their platforms.

Origin says:

“The total addressable market within the sharing economy model is huge and so are the fees charged by the middlemen in control: Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and others. Eliminating these entities would reduce costs for both the buying and selling parties.”

BloXroute claims to be a “layer 0” that focuses on the underlying network layer, which poses serious problems to scaling. 

BloXroute stated:

“For context, when you send a transaction on Ethereum or Bitcoin, you have to broadcast that transaction to a group of computers who then relays it to another group of computers. The idea of BloXroute is instead of having to call ten sequences of people to route your phone call, why not just do one direct call.”

If all goes as planned, Morehead says the projects could all go live before the end of 2019.

“These technologies and apps aren’t developed overnight. The reality is that investing in them is like early-stage venture but with a real-time price feed,” he concluded.

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