Polkadot Launches Kusama: An Experimental Research and Development Network


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On July 16, 2019, Polkadot announced the release of Kusama, a community-driven experimental network that allows teams and developers to deploy their parachains and get a feel for the radically new governance mechanisms that Polkadot offers. An explicit warning from the team to users is that this is not a testnet.

Refining Decentralized Governance

Kusama is an unrefined release of the Polkadot network that will serve as a means for the system to prove its governance ability in a decentralized manner. By using a real environment and keeping inclusion limited to developers, Polkadot wants to give future developers and builders a feel for the network before the mainnet launch.

In the release of their Alexander testnet, Polkadot revolutionized on-chain governance with a unique Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm. It uses validation and nomination as two distinct processes to eliminate bad actors while not compromising on efficiency.

In their own words, Kusama is not a testnet – it’s a “canary-net.” The Canary network will warn the development team of issues that need to be rectified before a mainnet is launched. As an early experimental version of Polkadot, the goal is to recreate the real economic conditions that would prevail over the network.

There is no reasonable way to understand the potential dangers without realistically simulating the environment. The network intrinsically lacks security, but this is done purposely to expose the flaws of the network.

Kusama is planned for launch in the northern hemisphere this summer and will be powered by its native token, KSM.

Has Ethereum Already Won?

This is a question that lingers on the mind of most cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The growth of EOS and TRON has been remarkable, but no other network can boast the same degree of developer loyalty seen on Ethereum.

With ETH 2.0 on the horizon, throughput is also set to rapidly increase, as indicated by Vitalik Buterin.

Polkadot was founded by a co-founder of Ethereum, Dr. Gavin Wood. He doesn’t have the same clout and brand value as Vitalik, which is one of the biggest reasons Ethereum has managed to stay on top.

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