ProBit Exchange Now Top 5 Korean Crypto Exchange with Trade Mining Rebates Ahead of Official Crypto Legalization


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ProBit Exchange welcomes the South Korean government act to legalize and regulate crypto. This decision will further solidify the current pioneers in the cryptocurrency exchange market as it will equalize the regulatory standing of Korean crypto exchanges. 

New Regulations to Boost Crypto Adoption in South Korea

In the wake of the new regulations, more than 30 crypto exchanges have ceased operations. The consensus is that only a handful of exchanges will thrive once the legislation is fully enacted and ProBit Exchange is in an excellent position to capitalize on the law. ProBit does this through a user-friendly approach to trading more cost-efficiently and rewarding users through features including Trade Mining.

Once Trade Mining is activated, Probit users will receive 20-100% trading fee refunds when trading BTC, ETH, and XRP. Trade Mining drastically reduces the trading fees and a portion of these fees paid by users will be sent directly to their wallet. 

Users who stake PROB on ProBit Exchange will receive daily passive rewards, lower trading fees, and maximum IEO token bonuses. 

ProBit Exchange provides these user-friendly features along with a versatile, easy to use interface and trading environment which have helped them accumulate over 300,000 monthly active users. 

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ProBit Exchange is a global Top 20 crypto exchange in real daily trading volume that has successfully completed over 200 rounds of IEO. ProBit Exchange also features over 300 trading pairs – one of the highest in the market.

ProBit Exchange Key Figures

300,000+ monthly active users

2,500,000 monthly web visitors

40,000,000 users on partnering aggregators and wallets such as CoinMarketCap

Global outreach in 8 key languages & markets provided

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Trading Fee Discount: Buy PROB, pay trading fees with PROB & get as low as 0.03% trading fee

Trade Mining: Stake 100,000 PROB and get back 100% of trading fees in PROB when trading BTC, ETH and XRP

Stake Mining: Stake PROB and earn PROB at a rate of 4% per annum 

Referral Program: Earn 10-30% of trading fees for referring friends to ProBit

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