Rainforest Foundation Appeals to Crypto Investors for Help


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In light of the devastating fires raging in the Amazon, the Rainforest Foundation U.S. seeks the support of the cryptocurrency community for support, September 4, 2019. The foundation claims that since Jair Bolsanaro took the reins in 2018, deforestation in the Amazon went up by 75 percent. They appeal to the entire community for donations, sponsorship, and generation of awareness. 

Working as a Part of the Community

The Rainforest Foundation is a direct part of the wider community, having launched its own cryptocurrency ‘BitSeeds’ which was ultimately unsuccessful.

Along with Regen Network, the foundation is developing a blockchain for donors to track their activities and progress in the Amazon rainforest, as well as rewarding the local communities and tribes helping to secure the forest.

Donating cryptocurrency also has tax benefits for those in the United States. Since it’s considered property, donations defer capital gains for both the donor and the charitable foundation that receives the cryptocurrency.

The foundation has partnered with the Giving Block to initiate a coalition of sponsors, donors, and media partners to create recognition for this effort and help fund the afforestation of the world’s largest rainforest.

Crypto and Charity

Cryptocurrency and decentralization used to be seen as hand-in-hand with charity and wealth dispersion. These days, the narrative has seemingly shifted toward other agendas, and Bitcoin is no longer seen as a tool for commerce, but it is still a tool for individual prosperity.

From being considered the best form of money for free trade to becoming an asset people are encouraged to ‘HODL’ and not spend, the social consensus in Bitcoin has rapidly changed.

There are a lot of well-meaning persons in the cryptocurrency community who have contributed large sums to noble foundations helping protect the environment and human liberties.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are especially empathetic to the plight of Silk Road operator, Ross Ulbricht, who was inhumanely incarcerated for running a free market where he had nothing to do with the illegal activity on the platform.

The Amazon rainforest is essential to human survival, as it produces 6 percent of the total oxygen on Earth.

While Bitcoin’s perceived role in the world has changed, it is still a tool that drives freedom and protection.

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