Singapore Government-Backed Tribe Accelerator To Release Blockchain-Based Engagement Platform


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Tribe Accelerator, an incubator backed by the Singaporean Government, has launched OpenNodes: a media-based engagement platform to allow large corporates, blockchain firms, and governments to collaborate and communicate on a single channel, August 21, 2019. Tribe hopes that this will serve as a gateway for more companies to adopt a decentralized approach toward operational activities like supply chain management and backend processing. 

Creating Value with Blockchain

The ascent of the very concept of decentralization has the ability to radically transform the way business is conducted across the globe. As processes become more transparent and secure (for users), blockchain is effectively inducing a new age of digital trust.

Many blockchain implementations are running with great ease, offering their beneficiaries a new paradigm of productivity and transparency.

OpenNodes wants to help create a culture of mass cooperation among stakeholders in the ecosystem. Corporate entities who will be utilizing this platform include AXA, BMW, EY, Temasek, and PwC; blockchain and cryptocurrency firms include ConsenSys, Ethereum Foundation, IBM, Zilliqa, and R3.

In essence, the technology and blockchain-based companies with expertise in the realm will offer advice and/or consulting and implementation services to global corporations that aren’t technology-focused.

As of now, government entities on the platform are limited to authorities in Singapore, but as it gains traction more companies and governments can be expected to join in.

Focus on Bridging Knowledge Gap

The most integral features of trilateral communication in this form is the ability to exchange knowledge in specific domains.

While tech companies can help manufacturers streamline their processes through backend implementations and innovation, this also helps the technology providers understand the requirements and nuances of every industry and sub-sector.

Meanwhile, the government is a part of the communication process the whole time, which reduces the likelihood of being underhanded by regulation.

OpenNodes is expected to launch at the end of the year to the public. The community can start reading about the specifics of the platform and express their interest to join on their website.

With communication between firms being negligible and competition within the industry ramping up, this is a welcome initiative to help foster a more collaborative culture in the blockchain scene.

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