Tesco’s Twitter Account Compromised, Hacker Asks for Bitcoin (BTC) 


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Hackers have hijacked the official Twitter handle of Tesco, a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer with over 3,400 stores scattered across the globe. The bad actors tried to orchestrate a bitcoin (BTC) giveaway scam with the account without much success, according to a BleepingComputer report from June 25, 2019. 

Tesco not Giving away Bitcoin 

Per sources close to the matter, Tesco has become the latest firm to be hijacked by cyberpunks on Twitter.

The culprits briefly took over the firm’s official Twitter account, Tweeting all manner of irrelevant information to Tesco’s 548,600 followers, including a pinned tweet asking them to send bitcoin (BTC) to a particular wallet and get their coins doubled in return.

“Bitcoin is on the rise again! One day, it will, without a doubt, replace fiat currencies. I’d like to give back to the community, therefore any bitcoin you send to this address, I will send back double! Comment your BTC address below when done,” read the tweet



Reportedly, even though the tweet was sent from Tesco’s official Twitter handle, the verification mark was conspicuously absent, a red flag that undoubtedly saved some gullible followers from falling into the hacker’s trap.

Whether its a stroke of luck or maybe people have become more aware of the antics of crypto thieves, but somehow, none of Tesco’s customers sent cryptos to the hackers’ wallet address. 

Once the cyberpunks noticed that the bitcoin giveaway scheme wasn’t yielding the desired result, they decided to have fun with Tesco’s Twitter by retweeting Bill Gates and trying to impersonate him.

The hacker reportedly changed Tesco’s profile name and display picture to Bill Gates’ current Twitter profile picture and modified the handle to @Billgatesmsc. The attacker also replied to Tesco’s customer complaints, asking some of them for their personal details such as full name, home address, postal code, and more. 

Though Tesco has managed to regain control of its Twitter account and has deleted the unauthorized tweets, this latest incident goes a long way to show that the social media platform is yet to find a solution to its security issues

In related news, in January 2019, BTCManager informed that the official Twiter account of Cricket South Africa, the nation’s cricket board, had been compromised by bitcoin hunters. 

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