The Best Cryptos for the Week of Apr. 23, 2018 (AION, ARY, HIRE, ZCL)


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The beginning of a bullish market is the perfect time to announce projects and milestones. The market has finally turned bullish for the first time in five months.

With a significant number of major conferences and news events in the next few weeks, it seems to be altcoin shopping season. The week beginning April 23 has a few specific altcoins which can yield significant returns in the near future. These coins include; AION, ARY, HIRE, and ZCL.

State of the Market

The price of bitcoin (BTC) is still down over 50 percent since the highs of December 17, 2017. This massive drop in value has also forced the altcoin markets to correct. However, with market sentiment having just shifted and BTC having climbed over 30 percent this week it seems the bear market is coming to a close. As BTC increases in value, the general premise is that it pulls up the entire markets with it. Crypto traders and continuously analyzing markets for the highest returns and by examining the future calendar one can easily spot truly opportune moments for accumulating specific coins.

With so many coins still down over fifty percent from their all-time highs, the market is ripe for altcoin shopping. Finding these altcoins that will beat the average market returns should be the goal of any investor. The week beginning April 23 has many specific altcoins that present very low entry points with possible yields of hundreds if not thousands of percentage points. There are three coins this week that seem to show significant promise heading into the market rebound. There are four coins this week that seem to be attracting significant attention; AION, ARY, HIRE, and ZCL.

AION (Aion): Mainnet Launch

AION is an altcoin currently priced at $4.02 with a market cap of $530 million. AION is a target this week because they accomplish a major milestone on April 25, 2018. Their mainnet goes live which is one of the most important aspects of any altcoin’s valuation. If there is no delay and the mainnet goes live without a hitch expect AION to continue to trend North. The timing could not be better as AION is enjoying the sweet boost of a bull run coupled with achieving a significant milestone. Following AION’s release, they intend on being at multiple conferences through the end of April and the beginning of May.

AION is, “a multi-tier system designed to address unsolved questions of scalability, and interoperability in blockchain networks…the internet, decentralized.” A very bold claim from a cryptocurrency, but a claim they seem to be striving for as their market cap surpasses $500 million. The first step to achieving their futuristic ambitions is releasing their mainnet. Once their mainnet goes live, they can succeed in the first steps of allowing developers to build robust dApps while migrating them from other blockchain ecosystems. The eventual goal is cross-chain applications allowing for asset transfer across different chains. Early implementations of the Ethereum (ETH) bridge enable transfers of assets and value on the ETH network, but AION looks to take that much further.

AION’s ambitions are impossible to achieve overnight, but a mainnet release coupled with a  conference tour of the U.S. should spread awareness while allowing the price of AION to continue to trend North.

ARY (Block Array): API ChainProof and Dapp Beta/Audit

ARY is currently trading at $0.18 with a market cap of over $12 million. This is over 50 percent lower than the $0.43 it was trading on January 31, 2018. As ARY successfully reaches milestones expect their price to continue to trend North as it has been doing since March 18. With a great team, a niche market they are focused on, and a platform regularly being updated and built it looks like this ICO seems to have survived the correction and can possibly have significant market adoption.

On April 25, 2018, ARY implements their API/SDK for ChainProof Data Verification and Anchoring. This major update to their platform brings them one step closer to being an important player in the shipping industry with their network supported by the blockchain. ARY has two major events this week with a significant update occurring only two days later after on April 27, 2018.

ARY’s second milestone of the week is their Dapp Beta/Audit takes place. Their escrow Beta is ensuring the Ethereum transfers work flawlessly while also performing a Dapp Beta/Audit. ARY is reaching their milestones even after their ICO concluded in the middle of the prior market correction. With the ARY team clearly focused and not worried about market fluctuations look for their updated platforms to continue to increase the utility of the ARY. Once the ARY becomes fully utilized to value will truly soar. However, it is essential to see ARY continue to reach each milestone in their roadmap as crypto is often inundated with delays.


HIRE (HIRE): Vegas Presentation and Integration

HIRE is currently trading at $0.056 per coin with a market cap of $1.6 million, and is one of those coins that is a buy and hold until the ‘news’ really boosts it. If HIRE can secure a big deal or partnership from their conference, expect to see HIRE trading at multiple hundreds of percentage points higher (or HIRE) than where it is currently priced.

Last week HIRE presented in Vegas at one of the top job recruitment conference of the year and this week they announced a partnership to integrate the HIRE token into’s platform. This is excellent news for a cryptocurrency that has struggled since their conclusion of their ICO. The market corrected significantly just as their ICO was concluding so not surprisingly HIRE collapsed with the entire market.

HIRE was an ICO that recently concluded which specializes in the recruitment industry and the freelance workplace. They are working diligently to increase their presence by partnering with major names such as, and other major job sites. To complete a task of this magnitude HIRE must put themselves out there and be present at the leading recruiting conferences worldwide. This past week Las Vegas held a convention where tickets surpassed $1200 a piece hosting the top recruiting companies. Executives from,, and many more were all present to watch the presentations.

This week HIRE established relationships with the top recruiting platforms through being able to present to the executives at this Vegas conference. The beginning of a bull run coupled with exposure to senior executives of recruitment firms may be the catalyst HIRE needs to take off. HIRE is a coin that has true moon potential as an announcement regarding a partnership with a recruitment agency will drive the price of HIRE upward.

ZCL (ZClassic): The Best Forking Coin?

ZCL is currently priced at $7.93, with a market cap of 30 million. During the history of ZCL, it has performed best when it was being utilized for forking. The numbers during the peak of the fork period for ZCL were a market cap of over $600 million and a ZCL price of over $220. Forks greatly improve underlying technologies while adding features that many users desire. This ability to incorporate the best elements of multiple coins onto one platform allows for forks to continue to remain valuable in the crypto space. Forks also continue to drive development ensuring the blockchain technology remains ahead of the curve.

When analyzing the ZCL chart is it fairly easy to see it has fallen more than 97 percent since its all-time high. However, most investors and traders do not realize why the price of ZCL collapsed. Understanding what makes a coin valued by the crypto market is very important when choosing an investment target. Utility increases value, and ZCL is a coin that is utilized as a privacy coin and targeted explicitly by teams for large-scale projects for its forking capabilities.

The most recent price collapse of ZCL was due to BTCP forking off of it. ZCL increased from under $5 in December to over $220 by the day of their fork, February 28, 2018. Even with a delay and multiple missteps ZCL traded above $200 per coin and BTCP (the fork of ZCL) is currently trading at above $40 per coin. This means a new fork of ZCL if conducted by a skilled team with no missteps and greater community support should trade at more than $40 per coin.

With no official new forks announced and no significant events on the horizon ZCL has fallen back to the $7 price point. When ZCL is a part of a major project which involves a fork the value of ZCL increases dramatically. Many Twitter personalities in the last few weeks have been hinting at a team taking over another major ZCL project. If any projects get finalized in the next few weeks and if the forking team is lucky enough to catch a bull run ZCL could reach new all-time highs in the near future.

The Time to Accumulate Is During The Dip

Altcoin shopping is somewhere between gambling and investing. The positive news is finding that diamond in the rough that can appreciate exponentially becomes much easier when the market has recently fallen 70 plus percent. The majority of crypto investors and billionaires that were steering clear of crypto altogether have realized the bear raid has ended and the bull run is on the immediate horizon.

It is straightforward buying BTC and hoping it appreciates. Finding an altcoin to beat BTC’s returns in a bull market is even harder. It seems great options for this week and the beginning of the bull run include; AION, ARY, HIRE, and ZCL.

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