The Next Shelter for Cryptocurrency Bulls


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Today, whilst the market is mostly bearish, it’s worthwhile taking a look at these terms from traditional and contemporary crypto trading context. From beginning to end, every trader need starts with analyzing the theme from all angles.

Simple Facts

Since stock and commodity trading began, there were always bulls and bears to move the price the way they needed. As well as there were holders, running on faith in bulls run for making wealth.

Nowadays in the crypto world, it became popular to call them “HODLers”, and they are now the main majority on the market.

Traditional Market Trading and Crypto Trading

A point of focus here is the speed of the market; for example, legacy exchanges like FOREX are waiting for the market to open and are tightened to time zone restrictions, the cryptocurrency market never sleeps, and that’s exactly why this new asset class is a far more interesting, but also risky trading experience.

Typically,  the danger comes from bad cryptocurrency exchanges with lack of reputation which often entails a lack of decent security features and product features, so it is important is to be prudent when selecting any given exchange. There were many situations when exchanges were closed without any chargeback to the users at all.

But that’s all in past, the market has matured, and with regulated exchanges with full suites of user data protection, services, and accountability, you can trade knowing that many exchanges won’t be running away with your funds.

When Bulls Charge

Once crypto wallets became largely formed of HODLers, exchanges took the main role in price forming the markets. Closely related to mass media hype, the bulls and bears react in the infamous “pump or dump” struggle on lots of exchanges with certain coins on board for moon missions, whilst others crash.

Surely bulls prefer active, reliable and safe places to trade instantly how they so please. Such places exist and are safe exchanges with good reputations and frequently audited.

Take a look at the high standards of modern crypto exchanges:

  1. Visa and Mastercard are on board allowing anyone to top up their crypto accounts and begin investing or trading.

  2. High-performance platforms run faster and are improving standards by the day.
  3. Paramount security standards give traders peace of mind.
  4. Advanced Interfaces – User-friendly with 24/7 support in multiple languages.

Here is a good example of an exchange with all of the above benefits – The exchange comes packed with all the modern facets and some more, with a strong native token and an initial exchange offering (IEO) launchpad.

That is why while bears are rampant on the market now, on Coinsbit there is an increase of 21% of registered active users within the last 2 months, can it be next “Bulls revolution” launchpad?

Initial Exchange Offerings are not your typical run-of-the-mill there too, therefore only technically unique projects are being born on to the platform. Moreover, with a 100% success rate to the date.


The only thing to add is that the exchange is giving away to 5000 native tokens (currently worth 500 USD) for every newcomer until the 10th of October in Coinsbit, so if you are in time…Lucky you!

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