TRON Founder Justin Sun Probably Fakes Twitter Followers


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Justin Sun, founder of the TRON (TRX) blockchain project became the first individual crypto-focused account holder on Twitter to exceed the 1 million followers threshold earlier in March 2019. However, a report published by TrustNodes on March 24, 2019, has pointed out that Sun might have played a bit dirty to achieve this feat.

Not so Smart

On March 21, 2019, the TRON Foundation tweeted a congratulatory message to founder, Justin Sun for gathering 1 million followers on the platform.

“Congratulations on @justinsuntron’s twitter account becoming the 1st personal account that exceeded 1 million in the blockchain industry. #TRON #TRX $TRX,” declared the Foundation at the time.

However, Geoff Golberg, a researcher focused on fishing out Twitter bot manipulation has discovered that a considerable number of Sun’s new followers are probably fake.

Reportedly, most of Sun’s new followers are accounts that were created of recent and many of them have eight numbers after their “name,” suggesting these accounts were probably generated by a bot.

On further investigation via SparkToro, a platform dedicated to facilitating fake followers audit on Twitter, TrustNodes reportedly discovered that about 90 percent of accounts had URL issues, nearly 70 percent had “suspiciously small number of followers,” and roughly 50 percent were created in the past three months.

That’s not all; TrustNodes also found out that close to 60 percent of Sun’s new followers are following an abnormally low number of people.

Per TrustNodes, while it is normal for a Twitter account to have few followers, most real accounts participating on the platform usually follow a significant number of people they are interested in, to enable them always to get the latest info about these celebs or platforms.

In essence, it’s only accounts created by software or bots to “inflate numbers and give a fake impression of street credibility,” that have been known to follow very few people or nobody at all, opined TrustNodes.

Mixed Reactions

Geoff’s findings have attracted mixed reactions on Twitter so far, with some fans of TRON (TRX) and Sun calling the researcher a hatter, while several others have condemned both the TRON project for being centralized and Sun for creating fake users to win his Tesla contest.

Though Sun and the TRON Foundation are yet to issue a statement concerning this matter, it’s worth noting that bad actors have been using bots to carry out unlawful practices on Twitter for a quite some time and it appears Twitter is not trying hard enough to curb this menace.

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