Xuzhou Kiwi Orchard To Build Supply Chain Traceability Platform on the IOST Blockchain


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Xuzhou Kiwi Orchard—a leading Chinese producer of Xuxiang kiwi, has partnered with decentralized enterprise-grade blockchain protocol IOST in a deal that will see the farm use the IOST blockchain to build a supply chain traceability solution.

Already supplying its products to Chinese supermarkets, the solution will trace the farm’s products from planting, processing, transportation to sale. IOST said this adds another “real-life use case to its rich application profile in multiple sectors and areas” as per a Medium post on Aug 3.

Xuzhou Kiwi Orchard Join Hands with IOST

Across the globe, there have been few incidents and problems around food safety that have garnered public attention subsequently damaging public confidence. People simply want to know the source of their food and whether best practices are employed. 

Chinese farms and industries—like in the rest of the world, are in the early stages of implementing food traceability systems as part of the expanding continuum to reduce risks around food safety problems. 

The decision the Xuzhou Kiwi Orchard took to utilize blockchain is therefore a step in the right direction. More importantly, it highlights the possibility of the largely unexploited potential of IOST’s enterprise-grade, high throughput platform. 

Integrating blockchain in any food traceability system strengthens the quality and safety supervision of agricultural products. 

With a tamper-proof registry, consumers of Xuxiang kiwi will now, through a simple scan, follow its root throughout the supply chain. 

As such, the user can easily trust and have confidence in the previously opaque operations around production, logistics, and sales.

GUILD Voting relies on IOST Smart Contracts

In other news, SANSEITO, a Japanese political party, is already using GUILD Voting. The solution is based on the IOST blockchain and its smart contracts will be the backbone of their voting mechanism. 

As voting generally leans on transparency, IOST smart contracts will guarantee vote counting, storage, and most importantly, reliability. All this will be done online considering how geographically dispersed their over 5,000 members are. 

Through the IOST blockchain, decision making will be done reliably despite limitations.

The goal of GUILD Voting—a solution developed by PHI—a core community leader and developer in Japan, is to create a key reference data contributing towards a consensus process. 

Besides, SANSEITO’s strength lies in community engagement where the opinions from the community are highly valued just like their board members.  

On Aug 1, Bidao announced their support of IOST. As reported by BTCManager, the coin will be accepted as collateral by DeFi applications and locked up in CDPs to generate the network’s stablecoin, BAI.

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